All About this Week


A very good morning to you all!  Did anyone notice my non-existent Thursday Thrift post yesterday?  I am sorry.  I had something that I was working on, but my photos just weren’t doing the outfit any good so I gave up on the post for this week altogether.  A bad hair day, I guess.  The Thursday Thrift is still alive and well though, even with a missing post every now and again.

So this week, it was a busy, fun, and painful one.

Busy because it was the last of our first nine weeks – I can’t even believe it.  The time has just flown by!  We’ve been working hard getting the last of the work done and I have been working just as hard getting all of my grades taken care of.  I am almost there, a little bit more today and I should be able to enjoy next week’s break without a grade book or a red pen in hand.


It was fun because there was the annual wine walk in Jackson.  Once again, my guy and a couple of our dear friends got the chance to go out and enjoy the evening.  There was wine tasting, antique browsing, and even a friendly game of pool.  Plus, a late night Mc Donald’s snack.  It’s not everyday that we find ourselves at the drive thru after dinner time.  Those chicken mcnuggets sure are good once in a while.

antique store browsing
antique store, silly mirror selfie

Now for the painful part of the week, my hip.  I’ve already mentioned before about this hip flexor strain, well, it may have been a little more than just a strain.  I spent most of this week either icing it or heating it and there was definitely a lot of hobbling involved.  Really, it has felt like seven days of having a hip that just needs to pop – a constant charlie horse if you will.  The worst part of this whole injury is that it hurt to do everything: moving my foot, my knee, my leg, and even sitting.  None of it had been easy, until today.  It has taken a whole seven days, but I really feel like I am on the mend.  I am happy that dance aerobics will be back in my regular rotation, along with my new found love of deadlifts, come Monday.  I am planning on taking it easy though, I would hate to be laid out for any longer.  It was a hard week, mobility wise.


And that was about all of my week, oh, except for that iphone I was waiting on.  I got it early in the week and I am oh so very happy with it.  Initially, I wanted nothing to do with the latest and greatest, but once my guy bought his, I was counting the days before I would have my own.  My iphone 4 now seems like a small little brick compared to this one.  I am very happy with the upgrade.  I am now just waiting on the new case.  Hope this isn’t the electronic device I end up breaking…

Well, that is all for me for this week.  I have a week off ahead of me and I have a few sewing projects that I am planning to get to.  And, there is a little lot more wine making research to do.  Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!

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