A Week in the Park

The boy and I have spent all week at the State Park.  Not the whole week night and day, more like fifteen hours, give or take, all together.  It has been a lot of fun and there was plenty to do.  Hiking, fishing, canoeing, and even some history, swimming, and learning.  Oh, and birds, we got to see birds.

The only downside of the week was the schedule I had to be on.  It has been a month without school and therefore the mornings have been nice and laid back, but not this week; up early and gone most of the day.  I won’t complain though, we had a great time.  And now, I have plenty to do next week, everything that was put on hold from this one.

So really quick before I get to the mess that is my house today, here are some photos from our time in the park.  And, if I may add, only one tick between the two of us this week, not bad.  (I do hate those things!!!)

Camp WeekI love hikes around the lake; so pretty and peaceful.  There was a bench close by to stop and sit.

CampWeek2The boy even caught a fish off of the fishing pier, he is a natural and he loves it!

CampWeek4Hawks are the newest objects of my bird watching.  We have a pair nesting somewhere in our backyard, and they think the new fence is their new perch.  This one from the park was tame enough to pet, and even hold.   

campWeek3 copyThere is no way he is flying very far from me, notice the death grip on the leash.  Only somewhat intimidating!  

Enjoy your weekend, all!

4 Replies to “A Week in the Park”

  1. Love the picture of you holding a hawk! You look so confident that I never would’ve noticed the leash death-grip without you mentioning it! 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂 I was totally fine with the idea of holding him and was so happy when the Ranger asked me if I wanted to. I was just really nervous the hawk would do that ‘try and fly’ thing he had just done with the handler.
      They are such neat looking birds!


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