A Favorite Dress for a Night in Nashville


Since I went on and on about how much I liked the new H&M store, you no doubt already knew I spent some time in Nashville a couple of weeks ago.  The original purpose of the trip was not just for H&M, it just happened to be an added bonus, nor was it just to get chicken feed, more about that in a bit, but the main reason we were in Nashville was for a night out that had been planned since way back in January.

My guy and I are picky, we have very discriminative tastes when it comes to what makes for a night out involving the whole dinner and a show scenario.  Maybe once a year we find someone or something playing that we enjoy, and could see ourselves spending the money and time on.  So this year, we caught a show at the Ryman, and had a great time!!  But really, a night out in Nashville, for the most part, has yet to be a disappointment, music or not.  And I even got to spend my end-of-the-school-year giftcard for the Cheesecake Factory; the drinks and cheesecake were delicious!  (The food was pretty good too, by the way.)

A night out and therefore a chance to wear something a little different.  And, like most girls (I think) I didn’t have a thing to wear!  This just means I didn’t finish even start making my new dress that I was too hesitant to make last month.  I wasn’t planning on buying anything new, so I had to go with something I already had, and really, it wasn’t that hard to find.

Before this night, I had only worn this dress once.  Why, I don’t know, it is probably one of my favorite dresses.  My mom bought it for me a few years back, and I can’t believe it has just been sitting there all this time, and I can’t believe I thought I didn’t have a thing to wear.  I know, yeah right!

FavoriteDress1[dress – Maurice’s | shoes – xhilaration]

So that was Thursday and that was the main reason for our trip to Nashville.  But since we were there, we took a short drive north to an organic farm to buy some grains for an upcoming batch of chickens.  I can’t believe it, but yes, I have a slight hand in raising our own food.

Who would have thought, dinner and a show, plus a trip to the farm.  What a life… but I love it!




4 thoughts on “A Favorite Dress for a Night in Nashville

  1. I NEVER have anything to wear either 😉 And then I find out, just like you, that I really do…and I can’t believe I thought I didn’t! I mean, all those trips to Goodwill have to have some effect on my closet! haha. I am still guilty of buying a new outfit whenever I make plans for a drink/dinner/outing….it just always feels like I need a new outfit for the occasion! haha, something in my closet already couldn’t possibly do. Glad you found something you really liked for the night out!

    And I love the Ryman! Good choice- what show? I’d love to meet ya if you are ever back here again- where do you live now? I currently work at the listening room on 2nd ave so. downtown off of broadway and demonbreum. We are a music venue/restaurant, along the lines of the bluebird, but bigger and better. We have scheduled writers’ rounds every night. And you are right- there is really never a bad night in Nashville!

    1. The Ryman is great, and from my experience, so are a lot of the places in Nashville! We saw She and Him, it was a good show. I have never been to the Listening Room or even to the Bluebird, so I have a few things to add to my list of places to check out.

      I live about an hour and a half away (west 100 miles or so) unfortunately, I don’t get there as often as I would like. Thanks for the comment, I will definitely have to check your place out! 🙂

  2. That dress is super cute, you should definitely wear it more! And mmm, drinks and cheesecake? Sounds perfect to me!

    1. Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite restaurants, and not just for the cheesecake. Although, I could very easily go just for that. 😉

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