The Thursday Thrift: No Straps Attached

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I have never been a fan of strapless dresses or tops. I have tried to like them, but just couldn’t get over the fact that part of my dress seemed to be missing. I think they are pretty and I have nothing against the style, it is just me, I have never felt comfortable in them. Maybe it is time to change my mind on this…

I made it to some yard sales a couple of Fridays ago. The weather was nice and after talking myself out of it at first, I ended up finding my way to a few. I am glad I did. I got several new-to-me items, and as is the case with yard sale shopping, I got these items for practically nothing. One dollar for a strapless dress, I didn’t hesitate at all, even though I wasn’t sure how I felt about said dress. It looked like it would fit, it was summery, why not try the strapless thing once again.

I almost ended up leaving the house as is, but put a tanktop on underneath at the last minute. Truth be told, I think I am still more comfortable with an undershirt – or at the least, straps. Since it is summer, I am gonna wear this summery dress, even though it isn’t exactly my style. I should know in a few months if this makes it to see another summer.

What do you think about straps on dresses, yay, or nay?

Strapless Dress

NoStrapsThis photo could almost be an outtake. Like I was concentrating really hard on making the flowers grow, or something silly like that. It was far too hot out when I was taking photos to be too picky with how they turned out. Ugh, the humidity!

|Dress – American Eagle (thrifted) || Tank top – Next Era Couture || Shoes – Route 66 |


*This week I am linking up with Coffee and Cardigans.

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6 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift: No Straps Attached”

  1. What a cuuuute dress! I do like how you paired it with the tank. I’m not a fan of strapless (I always feel like I’m pulling it up) but I’ll wear them if I have to, usually with a sweater..


    1. That’s the main reason for my dislike of them. I am constantly tugging and pulling to keep the dress in place! The tank helped a lot and it was the first time I had worn something other than a sweater.
      Thanks for all your great comments! 🙂


  2. I love that dress! I like the strapless style on other people too, but not so much for me. I do like the tank/straps you added. I think it looks super cute. Maybe I need to start shopping garage sales.


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