Friday Photos

I am getting the hang of taking photos with my iPhone. Not that it was ever hard to just tap the icon and have an instant picture, but focusing and framing and keeping my hand still while tapping the screen, those are what would mess me up. My photo a day challenge has helped with this, and mostly because I am only using my iPhone for the challenge.

Not one photo for a Friday, but several from my week, and today is day 155 of 365 for my Project 365, I have been keeping up with it.


Sunday I finally got some material for my quilt. My notes for what I needed were from the end of September, so it has taken me way too long. I was trying to find stuff online, but going to the store and physically picking it out was much easier, and cheaper. So far, I have only spent $25.00, not at all what I was expecting.


I did have a couple of bulbs that I planted come up after all. This cone flower, being one of them, bloomed this week. It is so pretty!



Blueberries and Bee Balm, I got both! My blueberries are just getting ripe, and on Monday we had our first, delicious handful. The Bee Balm I planted last spring, which didn’t even bloom last year, showed its pretty flower this week. I was wondering what it was gonna look like, and now I know. Only two flowers have shown up, but it made it though the winter and I will expect even more next year.



The backyard kudzu hedge is thriving, which is to be expected considering the weather has taken a turn for HOT and HUMID.  99 degrees on Thursday, and then add in the humidity.  Yep, the Tennessee summer is here once again!

20130627-205730.jpgAnd for today, I have a picture of Yuki.  She is enjoying the morning sun and this is the last day to see her with her Bichon Shag.  She is off to the groomers in a bit and will probably come back looking like a different dog.  The summer has been getting to her as well, and it is time to make her doggy life a bit easier.

Well, that is all I have for you this week.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read what has been going on.  Have a great weekend, I am planning on a great one myself.

20130627-211840.jpgI don’t know what is funnier, the goofy picture of me, or my crazy, weird shadow that somewhat reminds me of an anteater. 

8 Replies to “Friday Photos”

  1. It does look like an anteater! I can’t wait to see your quilt, it looks like i will be pretty with black, white and red. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with red. 🙂 We miss you guys and hope to see you soon.


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