There’s a New Store in Town

A few months back, while out with my family for a day of fun, I came across something great.  Great for me that is and maybe not so much for the other two of this family.  This great thing I came across?  A sign in Nashville indicating that an H&M store would be opening soon, a mall-rat’s dream, right?

*This post is gonna be about a shopping trip and my very own opinions of the new H&M store in Nashville, so those of you who could care less, you have been warned! 🙂

If you have decided to continue on with this post, let me start off by saying, thanks!  Now, let me get on with my review.


My only experience with H&M up until now was from fashion magazines, and then one time I was in Chicago and got to browse a real life store.  I come across items all of the time on blogs and fashion sites from H&M, and I am always seeing things that I would love to get, but up until this point, they were not available for me.  Unfortunately, they don’t provide an online store in my area either.

My lack of an H&M wardrobe is about to be remedied though, because two weeks ago, H&M opened its doors in Nashville.  What I like about this store, it has fashionable pieces at such great prices.  And for the most part, they are pretty well made.  I am a fan of dresses and t-shirts – preferably, t-shirts that are a little nicer than super plain, so I am in luck.

When I went, the store had only been open for a week, I kind of knew what to expect should I have gone opening weekend, and I didn’t really want to fight any crowds.  A week after opening and there were still plenty of people in the store, but much less than from the week before I would imagine.  I found several things right away and made the mistake of not taking multiple sizes with me when I first went to try them on, there was a long line for the dressing room and I had to stand in it twice.  It did move along pretty quickly though, I may be a super shopper, but I am not up for waiting hours in dressing room lines.  I would rather find a corner and try clothes on top of what I am wearing should that be the case.

I was a bit disappointed with the size selection, but I think this is only a temporary problem.  I found more stuff that I liked that I didn’t leave with because I couldn’t find them in my size.  There were racks and racks coming out of the dressing rooms to be restocked and lots of items that were missing from the shelves all together, no doubt just because of it still being in the grand opening phase.  I should have better luck on my next trip.

One thing that was anything but a disappointment though, they sell size 5.5 shoes!  I couldn’t believe it, and even found a pair that I contemplated getting, but ended up leaving without.  Maybe just knowing there would be others there was comforting enough for me not to get them this time.

I left with a new dress, three new shirts and a striped cardigan, all for about $50.00.  Not bad!  And luckily for my guy’s wallet, I am an hour and a half away from my new favorite store.  I will be looking forward to what is in stock on my next trip.


20130617-152747.jpgHow about you, any readers fans of a certain storeHow about H&MIs there one where you live, or are you able to shop it online?

14 Replies to “There’s a New Store in Town”

  1. I find i have a hard time fitting into their clothing :/ But have found some good stuff there. I’ve been to the store in Chicago too, still have the skirt and jeans I bought there two years ago.


  2. So far, my first two visits were great. I am sure there are gonna be times when I walk out empty handed, especially too, because I am kind of a picky shopper. Maybe you will find something next time around. 🙂


  3. The nearest H&M is still a good drive from where I work so I’ve only been once. Cute stuff but I didn’t find anything I HAD to have and what I found, wasn’t that great of a price. Sigh. I may need to go back and try again, especially because you got some great things!!


  4. I love all the items you bought! H&M is totally my shopping kryptonite – but it’s such a great place to get good deals. Especially on trendy items you might not want to spend $ on, or basics (my favorite tee’s are from there). Happy shopping!


  5. I loooove H&M! One of my favorites stores to score staples that are wallet friendly. H&M is not the best retailer to shop online with, but if you go in the store be prepared to score great finds!


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