The Story of My Week: With Pictures


I am quite happy with what has been growing in my yard lately, never mind that the prettiest things seem to be the weeds that I didn’t even plant!  But despite having my own share of naturally growing beauty, I am still working on planting flowers and this week, what little thought I had of growing an edible garden, has gone out the window.  My final decision came last Friday, so instead of working on seeding bare ground, I got to working on what had already been established.  I finally started tackling the weeds surrounding what edibles I already have growing, and let me say, it was no small task!  And that is how I spent last Friday, pulling weeds.  But not before…


I finally got out to some yard sales.  I loved this old suitcase, but didn’t really like the fleur di lis pattern.  When I sent this pic to my guy to ask his opinion, he said I could just spray paint over it.  Hmmm, I thought about it for a good two seconds and decided no, too much trouble especially given how quickly I get to painting anything.  But I found some other goodies, all clothes, but in really good shape plus brand name.  My yard sale outing was a success!

Then came the weekend.  It involved some family fun and outrunning the weather.


No, not my newest pair of shoes, just standard issue from the bowling alley.  And we even made a round of mini golf just ahead of the brewing storm.


We made it home just ahead of it and even had enough time to take the dog for a walk before the downpour of the night.  Two inches of rain at my house Sunday night, and I know this because I got my new rain gauge hung up just in time!

Monday was probably the last day of enjoyable weather.  My boy and I made it to the lake and dare I say, the water was a bit too cool for me.  Plus, the prevailing wind made my decision to sit out on the beach much easier.  Being wet and in the wind wasn’t for me that day.

It was probably good that I did sit Monday out, because the boy and I made a day of the pool on Tuesday, and the weather more than made up for sitting under an umbrella the day before; a hot 94 degrees and I don’t think you could have kept me out of the water that day!  I left with a bit more color than I had when I got there, and surprise surprise, the red I thought I was gonna be is turning into a nice shade of tan!

And that brings me to today.  I don’t suppose you want to see photos of laundry, so I will spare you that detail.  And now I am off for a few days.  My guy has a four day weekend, and we have big plans in the big city!  If you call chicken feed shopping big plans that is… Well, we don’t plan on just chicken feed shopping the whole time.

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