Up All Night

In twelve years of having a son, I can’t remember one time that he kept me up all night long.  My boy was a great baby and he has been a wonderful sleeper his whole life.  And in a year and a half of having a dog, there was not one night that she kept me up all night long, she has been a wonderful sleeper, until last night…

I think I woke up almost hourly with her, and I never did figure out what was the matter.  I am starting this day kind of groggy, so I really am hoping this leftover cup of coffee I am currently sipping on will give me that little bit of a boost I need to get going…

And today, it has started out kind of like yesterday, a pile of laundry to wash and a house to tidy up, that is until my phone buzzed me.  Yesterday it was lounging at the lake that took over my cleaning and laundry, and it seems like today, the house work will be pushed aside once more, an invitation to lounge at the pool sounds much better.  Since chores never, ever go away, I think it would be safe to set them aside one more day and enjoy the summer sun while it is here.  I may end up with a tan yet!

Suddenly, my lack of sleep doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much, and I think the day will end up a good one after all!



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