It finally got cold.  Last Friday we had a rain storm come in and with it came the cooler weather we are used to having at this time of the year.  Boots, wool socks, and sweaters are now daily fashion staples around here for me.  Two days ago the kudzu lost all of its color so now that drab, brown winter landscape is here to stay until spring.  There still are some really pretty leaves hanging on to the trees, but I don’t expect them to be around much longer.



My guy and I went out walking in the state park a couple of weeks ago and I was happy to have gotten some nice fall pictures.  I usually am too early or too late when it comes to taking pictures of the trees this time of the year, but not this time, I think I was right on time.


These pictures are a nice bit of color to brighten up the wet and dreary day.  Because today is much like how I expect this time of the year to be: wet, cool and cloudy, with plenty of drab brown all around.


Photos taken in the Natchez Trace State Park.

4 Replies to “Fall in West Tennessee”

  1. Wow beautiful pictures. We are looking forward to seeing it all. Lord willing next fall. 🤓 Maybe we can go take pictures together next year. 💗💗💗


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