We ended day 4 in a nice and relaxing way.  After ziplining and wine tasting, we ate a late lunch/early dinner at the cottage.  We took advantage of our George Foreman back deck grill and made some burgers.  I managed to keep a Panera cookie around for dessert from earlier in the day, and then we swam and took advantage of the hot tub.  It was cooler this time, so that hot tub was really nice.  We spent the evening channel surfing and hanging out at the home away from home.

Day 5:  Silver Dollar City


In my experience, the only amusement park with free parking!  And the only amusement park that has had little to no lines for all the rides every time we have gone.  This year’s trip to Silver Dollar City was a little different though.  We were there before the seasonal theme change had happened.  For once we took in some of shows that the park had to offer:  an old west comedy type show, and a wild west variety show.  This is where all the people were though.  We stood in line to watch the shows.




The rides were fun, as always, and the lines were fast so we did some more than a few times.  It’s not the best place to tote around a big camera, but I made do with my point and shoot and iPhone.  I always like being the picture taker, even at amusement parks.  Unfortunately, I left the selfie-stick behind, but that didn’t keep me from the selfies.  I even got photo-bombed by a ride conductor.  Ha ha!  Whoever he was, he will forever be remembered here on the blog.



And a trip to an amusement park is never complete without some really high-calorie food.  This is what we had:  freshly made, hand-cut kettle chips with cheese and bacon.  Very delicious and worth the splurge.  Way better than the funnel cake we were contemplating.


We had a nice, long day at the park, so the only thing left to do for this day was to go out and eat dinner.  We made our way back to Branson Landing for the Black Oak Grille and then after walking around, called it a night.

Day 6:  Shopping day!

There is always a shopping day on vacation.  This day we went to some of the many outlet stores in the area.  We all found something we couldn’t live without.  For lunch we had Fudruckers, and lunch ended up being the main meal of the day.  There was no need for dinner, so we had ice cream instead.  Also, we made our way back to Escape Code.  We had to get out of one room this week, but we failed.  Once again.  The boy was on the right track for this one, but we ignored him he says.  He will forever remember it that way.  But even so, we still had too many clues left to get out of this room in time, even if we would have listened to him.  It was still lots of fun; a wonderful memory of the trip for sure.

Day 7:



Like a typical Saturday, it was a day of rest for us.  We slept in, stayed in the room reading and hanging out with each other most of the day, and then later in the afternoon we went for a walk.  We took a short drive down the road to the lake which has great views and a really nice walking path.  It was a beautiful afternoon weather wise, and we all enjoyed our time outdoors, especially Yuki.  She gets lots of walks on our Branson trips.  We ended this night one more time at Branson Landing.  The guys got dressed up and we had a nice dinner at the Texas Land and Cattle Steak House.


This evening when we got back to the room, I did some laundry cause I knew we were going home to no hot water.  I also packed up most of our stuff and did a little bit of cleaning in the kitchen.  We did cook and make ourselves at home this week, so there was some tidying up to do before we left.


Sunday morning we checked out, had bagels at Panera for breakfast and made the six hour trek back home.  The boy drove half of the way which was great driving practice for him – kind of boring for me in the back seat though.  I had Yuki to keep me company.  Although, she wasn’t much company.  The week pretty much tired her out.


And that’s it.  Our third trip to Branson is in the blog archives, and I am going to say it was more fun this time than the last two times.  Perhaps we will have another one to look forward to in a couple years time…

Thanks for reading along and being patient with my drawn out posting schedule for this trip.  I love reading and thinking back on all the trips we take, so I will say it once again that vacation posts are always my most favorite posts.  🙂

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