A Completed Hexagon Quilt

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I‘d say this quilt was about three years in the making.  I was inspired by this post here.  I loved the way the large hexagons looked and it seemed easy enough I could wing it and figure it out as I went.  I didn’t have a hexagon shaped cutting template so with a little searching I found this one.  I printed it out and traced it on to poster board, then gathered all my dressmaking scraps from all the way back in 2013 when I first started sewing a dress a month.

This quilt is kind of special to me.  It has fabric from almost every dress I made from 2013 – 2016.  So, it was even more than three years in the making if you consider it really started back then when I first cut out that dress fabric.  But really, the piece cutting specific for the quilt started in about 2016, maybe even the end of 2015.  I just traced and cut with no particular number in mind.  I didn’t really refer to my original sources to see how many pieces I’d need, but once I got to about 100 pieces I started to lay them all out and see how big it was.  I ended up with a little more than that, and a small stack that didn’t get used, but I am sure I can put them to use somewhere some day.

It was March of 2017 when I started to sew the hexagons and strips together.  I did this little by little when I had the time, and I was never in any rush.  The top was all machine pieced and I pinned it all to a full sized sheet to see my progress and keep everything laid out as I went.  It was easy to fold the sheet when I needed to put it away, and I never got confused about where any of the pieces were supposed to go like I would have had they been in stacks all the time.

I hand quilted the whole thing except for machine stitching the binding which was just an extension of the backing.  I bought a 108′ backing from Fabric.com for the back so no extra piecing involved with that.

That’s about all that was involved.  The hand quilting took the longest, and I could have even done more quilting on it.  I stitched around the shape of the hexagons and my friend mentioned that I might need to do some extra quilting to fill in the centers.  I will leave it as it is for now and should that need to be addressed at a later time, I have a new sewing machine for that.  😉

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