It’s been a nice, busy week for me.  Plenty of things got done and places were seen.  I’m just gonna do a nice little recap, daily photo post style as I’ve done in times past.  Let me start with last Sunday…


I got a new FitBit.  I’ve talked about it for many many months, but after the last iPhone update left my FitBit Alta without working notifications, I decided to give a different style a try.  I had talked myself out of a trip to Best Buy, but then found myself at Walmart with FitBit Versas on clearance so I didn’t pass it up.

I really like it, but it also isn’t working right with the text notifications.  I get call notifications and even apps, but nothing for texts.  It’s a bummer and I have called customer service about it.  Looks like I am just going to have to patiently wait for the problem to get fixed.


Spent the morning on the computer balancing the checkbook and paying bills etc.  Also, I got some stuff done around the house.  The boy went to work at his gymnastics job for the first time in two weeks after his knee injury so I had the house to myself to get stuff done.  He is still on crutches but can at least tell the groups what to do at work and he was ready to go back.  I did not talk myself out of the gym this day because I was excited to see all the calories I would burn at the gym not that I have a new, more reliable FitBit heart rate monitor.  I was right, I do burn way more calories that my Alta was showing.


School meet up day and nutrition check-in day.  Every week I submit my weekly macros, progress pics, and measurements to my nutrition coach, along with a detailed questionnaire about my week, and then patiently wait for my check-in response with any changes to my weekly macros.  She bumped my calories last week: more carbs, fats, and protein, so I was looking forward to seeing how that week went.  I am really enjoying this program and have learned a lot about nutrition and fitness over these last several years I have been involved with it, that I am seriously considering pursuing a nutrition certification so that I can be an online coach myself.  I have really been looking into it, and it’s totally doable.  🙂


Stephen and I were headed to Nashville for dentist appointments and we tried again to detour through Leipers Fork.  It wasn’t a Monday this time so everything was open.  We toured a distillery, stopped into a few antique stores and took lots of pictures.  No cavities at the dentist and we had a delicious dinner at J. Alexanders.  It was a great day out!


Field trip day.  Our school group went to a nearby farm for a fun day out.  Typical farm field trip stuff: animals, slides, ziplines, a corn maze, and a hay ride to a pumpkin patch.  It was sunny and fresh out, even a little cold that morning, and everyone had a nice time.  I came home to resume taxi service for my boy, I’ve been driving him to and from work the last couple of weeks so I have more of a specific time schedule I am keeping these days.  That will all be over after this weekend when Ethan’s knee gets rechecked on Monday.  He’s moving it pretty well, so I’d be seriously surprised if it ends up being more than a sprained MCL.


Yuki got a haircut, Ethan went to work and I cleaned house.  Also, I sold muscadines and walked at the lake.  It was a long and busy day.  I thought about sewing, I did get a new sewing machine on Wednesday, but decided my very neglected house needed the attention.  I will save that for this weekend or the next two weeks.  It’s fall break and now that I don’t have my own child in school, my break is really going to be a break.  I hardly have any grading to do and all this upcoming free time.  I can’t wait!

That’s what I’ve been up to; how about you?

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