I Bought a Weighted Blanket and Here’s What I Think | Product Review

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Hello, hello!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here to tell you all what I think about my latest, and sometimes greatest, purchases.  The wait is over, because today I am going to tell you all about my new weighted blanket.

I first heard of these years ago.  My friend was telling me about them for children with anxiety issues to help them feel a sense of calm and security when used as a lap blanket in stressful situations.  I thought they’d be great just in general for those of us who really like the feel of a good blanket.  I wondered about the weight of them and how or what would be used as filling, but that’s as far as my thoughts went at the time.  I was happy to add my new, back then, black and white quilt as my extra blanket of ‘weight’ to my bed for a good night’s sleep.

You see, I am someone who cannot sleep without blankets.  And it can’t just be a sheet or something thin and flimsy.  I like a substantial feeling blankets on me when I snooze.  In addition, I always have extra weight on my legs in the form of Stephen’s leg or Yuki’s body.  I am just more comfortable when I am ‘weighed down’ so to say.  And recently, these weighted blankets have been catching my attention once again.

I seriously considered getting one from Etsy around this time last year, but then was unsure of what weight I should pick.  This was a very important factor I had read.  Undecided, I just kept things how they were.  My quilt has remained that extra blanket at the foot of my bed until now… Well, actually, that quilt still is at the foot of my bed, but underneath the new weighted blanket.  😉

I was at Costco a couple of weeks ago and right there where you walk in to the store were lots and lots of new weighted blankets, currently $20 off.  I’m getting it!  I exclaimed to my guy who happened to be with me that particular Costco trip.  I didn’t think twice and used it that very night.  That very night was still in the high 70’s with AC going and, like I said, I didn’t even take the other blanket off the bed.  I slept great!  I wasn’t hot at all.  The covering fabric is kind of shimmery so it stays cool to the touch on top and, like I said, I am someone who likes blankets on me at night, no matter the temperature.  (Please note that we do sleep in a temperature controlled house, and I hope I don’t have to be in an AC-less house when it’s summer weather outside to find out if I would still like said blanket with no air conditioning.)

The blanket is sized for one, which is good for me because I don’t have to share.  I have offered to turn it long wise for Stephen, but he has many times declined my offer.  In fact he has called it a ‘stupid’ blanket a time or two.  I tend to sleep on my back and most of the time I don’t move at night, and even more so now with my heavy blanket.  So the blanket has somewhat divided the bed and it’s not very easily kicked off by Stephen.  But I have since positioned it in such a way that it is more on me and not as close to the middle of the bed overlapping onto him.  Yuki doesn’t seem to care about the blanket.  In fact I’ve woken up to it partly on her and she didn’t mind it one bit.

Now the main question, is it heavy?  This one is 15 pounds and when I first started using it, it reminded me of the lead cover the dentist puts on you when you get x-rays.  After a little time of it on, I don’t even notice the weight.  But it does seem much heavier in the middle of the night when you need to pull it up or move it over and you are half asleep.  I got the 15 pound weighted one because that is all that was available, but I did notice a 20 pound one last week at Walmart.  For me, I think 15 is good because I still have that weighted leg and dog that end up on me during the night as well.  🙂

It was $49 on sale at Costco, but I would pay the full $69 for it.  I got the black one, but it clearly is gray.  The cover comes off to wash and the blanket is weighted by glass beads.  I can’t feel them out so they must be very fine like bean bag filling size?  I don’t know, and I don’t plan on opening the center to get a better look.  Very shortly after getting this blanket, I did get an advertisement from Joann’s craft store that weighted blanket centers were now available for purchase to make you own weighted blankets.  I think it would be a very neat DIY type of gift if you had the time, but if not, buying an already made weighted blanket for someone would be a great gift as well.  And it’s also perfect for sitting under while drinking coffee and browsing an ipad or iphone in the morning, or while lounging on the couch.  I have been getting plenty of use of mine in these ways as well.

If you’re a blanket person, I recommend getting a weighted blanket.

*I purchased this blanket with my own money and was under no obligation to write a review about it.  All opinions are my own.      





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