Hurricanes, MRI’s, and Snow

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Where was I when I last left you all?  Since I’ve been gone, several things have happened, and at the same time, with my day to day, everything has pretty much stayed the same.  I had better get back on track over here, or I am going to lose my following all together.  It’s time for a life update, brace yourselves, it may be a long post…

So, fall break was the week I was heading into when I last jumped on here.  I very much enjoyed every minute of it.  I opened up my sewing machine and started to figure that out.  I got a new quilt pack to start working on, which at this time hasn’t even been taken out of the packaging.  I went to IKEA, twice, and bought picture frames and a couple of pieces of furniture.  I rearranged my sewing room and spent the day with a friend making muscadine jelly.  Oh, and I also found several deals on new boots and bought more dresses.

Just before the break, the boy’s healing knee needed a little extra attention.  It was possible that something did get torn, so we made a short trip to get him an MRI to know for sure.  Worst case scenarios started swirling through my head, and it was a bit of a trying week waiting for the results of that.  We finally got word that all was well, so thankfully that injury was put behind us, and the boy is doing great now, several weeks later.  He is taking the time he needs for it to heal, which was a small concern after we knew it wasn’t worst case scenario.  Injuries aren’t any fun and slowing down someone so active can be a test of patience.  Speaking of injuries, pretty sure I have tennis elbow again.  I had what very much fit the symptoms of it a couple of years back, and it seems it has returned.  I’ve been doing a lot of kettle bell exercises and I think that is the culprit.  Rest for my left arm has been self prescribed and I’m hoping to be better very soon.

Hurts and woes out of the way, how about the weather?  We had a hurricane hit, a land hurricane specifically, two weekends ago – well that’s what I saw it was called on Facebook.  Apparently the eye of hurricane Olga remained intact as it came up on land, and created a storm that caused major destruction in my neck of the woods.  Thankfully, our immediate area was spared, but not without the minor inconvenience of no power at our property where we have all our freezers of muscadines.  The power was out for three days and in that time we had to relocate said freezers along with all the contents.  This is really nothing compared to several of my friends that had numerous trees down at their places and no power for close to a week and a half.  Where my friends live was the area that experienced the most destruction.  And with the weather as weird as it is, we had ‘snow’ last night, and it was the coldest I’ve ever remembered it here, the earliest in the season.  Temps in the teens in the first part of November!  Crazy weather indeed.

I’ve kept it surprisingly short, considering how long I was away.  You all got the condensed version of what was going on.  I will leave you with my 1 second a day of October.  Have a great Tuesday, and stay warm everyone! I am turning myself around from the computer and resuming my sewing project from yesterday.  Making another dress…


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