Finding Inspriation, at the Goodwill

Yes, at the Goodwill of all places.  What kind of inspiration, you might be wondering?  Well, inspiration to keep on sewing, of course!

Earlier this week I had some free time, I also didn’t have my boy with me.  He was happily enjoying some free time of his own with his cousins, and happy NOT to be with me doing my bi-weekly grocery shopping and store browsing.  So while I was window shopping with this extra free time, I found myself at the Goodwill and I was all ready to buy this great looking dress.  It was one of my favorite neutral colors, it fit well, but it needed to be shortened.  I did not like the length, but everything else was perfect.  What I noticed while I was checking the dress out was that it was a homemade dress, and it even looked like a pattern I had bought but had never made.  How funny, I thought.  Instead of spending money on this dress, why not go though my pattern and material stash at home and get to sewing one for myself?  What a great idea, especially since I just can’t get enough of sewing lately and I am almost ready to start something else.

I now have a new goal (perhaps it will replace the last few I had).  My new goal is to make a dress a month.  I should have thought of this sooner, but not a problem, there’s nothing keeping me from starting now, and since I do have a dress just completed, I am a step ahead of myself with a dress for July.

Never mind buying homemade items at the Goodwill, I will just make some myself.


I may not be any good at painting, or drawing, and I am by no means an expert at sewing, but I think I will have a better chance with it than with any other hobby I may want to take up.  I have enough material and patterns for a good start at least.  I am sure there will be more about this to come.

In the mean time, don’t forget to stop back on by this Thursday for a look at my most recent thrifty find.  It may or may not be featuring a Goodwill item…

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