Yes, at the Goodwill of all places.  What kind of inspiration, you might be wondering?  Well, inspiration to keep on sewing, of course!

Earlier this week I had some free time, I also didn’t have my boy with me.  He was happily enjoying some free time of his own with his cousins, and happy NOT to be with me doing my bi-weekly grocery shopping and store browsing.  So while I was window shopping with this extra free time, I found myself at the Goodwill and I was all ready to buy this great looking dress.  It was one of my favorite neutral colors, it fit well, but it needed to be shortened.  I did not like the length, but everything else was perfect.  What I noticed while I was checking the dress out was that it was a homemade dress, and it even looked like a pattern I had bought but had never made.  How funny, I thought.  Instead of spending money on this dress, why not go though my pattern and material stash at home and get to sewing one for myself?  What a great idea, especially since I just can’t get enough of sewing lately and I am almost ready to start something else.

I now have a new goal (perhaps it will replace the last few I had).  My new goal is to make a dress a month.  I should have thought of this sooner, but not a problem, there’s nothing keeping me from starting now, and since I do have a dress just completed, I am a step ahead of myself with a dress for July.

Never mind buying homemade items at the Goodwill, I will just make some myself.


I may not be any good at painting, or drawing, and I am by no means an expert at sewing, but I think I will have a better chance with it than with any other hobby I may want to take up.  I have enough material and patterns for a good start at least.  I am sure there will be more about this to come.

In the mean time, don’t forget to stop back on by this Thursday for a look at my most recent thrifty find.  It may or may not be featuring a Goodwill item…


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