The week is off to a great start!  Although, with my guy home on Monday I am constantly feeling like I am a day behind.  Today has felt like a Monday to me all day.  This is both good and bad.  Good because it just means that the weekend will come sooner.  Bad because it’s my break week from school and I’m already a day behind.  I did get a good amount of cleaning out of the way on the real Monday of this week, so maybe being behind isn’t going to be too much of a problem after all.

putting the new layout to use; XBOX football and Stephen is hiding from the camera

Since my guy was home, he helped me rearrange our living room.  I don’t think I have ever needed him to help when it comes to rearranging, ever.  I did at one time in my early married life rearrange furniture weekly, almost as a hobby.  I’ve even been known to completely swap rooms entirely with other rooms of the house.  Our living room once became our bedroom way back when.  It was a weirdly designed tiny house that had the whole layout in a straight row so the two rooms could have been either or.  But anyway, moving on…


Monday we deep cleaned the living room, and moved all the furniture with the exception of the ‘library’ shelves.  We even moved the rugs around and I went through the coat closet.  Everything!  I have to say I quite like it.  We have for years wanted to set up a separate little area for video viewing/game playing etc. around the entertainment center.  And then have a cozy little, offset seating area, so to say, where one could settle in with a book or homework, or whatever.  I knew that once we did this rearranging, we would quickly find our decorating holes, and we did.  We need a few new pieces of furniture and a whole lot more oversized picture frames.  Some more shelf decor would be nice also.  It sure is a good thing that IKEA is now close by is all I can say about that.  (If 100 miles is close by, ha ha!)

My guy is motivated to finish the room and get a few new things for it.  So, let’s see how long it takes us to get to Memphis with the truck.  His idea is to completely do one room at a time.  None of this get a few things for here and a few things for there nonsense like I usually do.  Just finish one room before moving on.  I like his thinking on this one.

Yuki isn’t too sure what to think of the new layout

I think our cleaning inspired the boy as well.  When I went into his room this morning to wake him up, I had a quick thought that he must have packed up and moved out.  His room was so clean!  The clothes were where they belonged, all the blankets were put up, and even his shoes were neatly organized.  I could see the floor, the whole floor.  It was a nice thing to wake up to for me, because now I will have a little bit of time to myself one day this week since I don’t have to do any motivating to get him to clean his room.  And by motivating I mean show up at his bedroom door with trash bags and clean it myself.  Well done, my boy!  I do wonder what it looks like now though…

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  1. Wow it looks really nice you two did a great job! Looking forward to seeing when you get it completely done. 💙💙💙 Great job Ethan surprising your mom with a clean bedroom!!!


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