Well, here we are again, another year starts and already week one is in the books.  I have kept you all in the loop somewhat of my week so far with the last couple of posts.  Since Tuesday, I have a nose that is finally feeling all better, meaning I can blow my nose without pain again, woo hoo!  And, it isn’t feeling like something is wrong with it for once in almost two weeks.  Whew, I know that could have been much worse, and I will probably stop talking about it now unless the little bump takes a turn for the worse and turns into a huge bump.  Then, I might start on about my nose again.  But for now, consider it something of the past.

What else… I got a hair cut.  Is that even blog worthy?  Especially since it was more like a trim?  Only a few inches off the length so nothing too noticeable, but having my hair cut always has a way of making me feel a little bit better about myself.  One of my friends cut it this time, and the great thing about that is not having far to go to get it done.  Another thing is that I may be able to stay on top of a hair cutting schedule for once.  As it is now, maybe twice a year is when I cut my hair.  (Bangs not included, of course.)

I did some more cleaning this week and got our very messy garage organized.  More of my week should have been spent on grading papers, however.  Have I mentioned how much I procrastinate with this?  More that once, you say?  Well, I’ve done it again.  I’ve put it all off until the very end of my break.  I skipped the gym Thursday night so I could be a little more ahead come Friday.  And now, I am not grading but here telling you all about it.  Probably once I am done online I will find some pictures or something to edit.  Ooh, I need to get started on my video… Really, the list is endless of what I would rather do than grade.  I can keep up with it just fine during school hours, but after that I get behind.  I really only have the last week’s worth of work to do so it shouldn’t be that bad, should it…?  FYI, it isn’t just my boy’s work that I grade.  I have other classes that I am in charge of as well.  I guess I better get to it, the day will be gone before I know it.


I will leave you all with this photo.  My Friday photo if you will.  The boy and I were in Franklin again this week – we’ve been three times in the last three weeks actually.  This time we came home on some of the back roads and we got to pass by my favorite bridge of Middle Tennessee, the Natchez Trace Parkway bridge.  We had a few minutes to spare so we stopped for a pic.  Ethan has his own super duper camera now, and he took this one for me.  It was fun pretending to hold up a bridge.  Yes, that is what I am trying to do – his idea – as strange as my hand may look.  Ha ha!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!  We woke up to a good amount of snow this morning and it is still coming down.  I am home bound today and hopefully once I grade those papers, I will get a start at one more dress.  I am down to possibly my last sewing Sunday, as hunting season for my guys is coming to an end.  I hope to have something made and blogged by Monday… High hopes I have!

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