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The 19th Friday of 2017

Nineteen weeks into 2017!  When did that happen?  Whew, I will be very happy come this time next week.  School is all I can think about right now; and specifically, grading.  I’m working on it, but it does sometimes seem never ending.  I think it is because I […]

The 2nd Friday of 2017

Week two of 2017 is just about filed away for good.  I can’t say too much about it; I was pretty busy with back to school stuff and sorting out grades etc. from the last quarter.  I am almost done with my paper work for that, and after […]

The First Friday of 2017

Well, here we are again, another year starts and already week one is in the books.  I have kept you all in the loop somewhat of my week so far with the last couple of posts.  Since Tuesday, I have a nose that is finally feeling all better, […]

Back to My Regularly Scheduled Life

Today just about ends the first regular week of this year, complete with added arctic air.  It was cold everywhere I hear, and Tennessee was no exception.  A high in the teens on Monday and two mornings with close to zero degrees, how cold was it where you […]

So Long Sixth!

Well, I did a So Long Fifth post last year when we officially got done with fifth grade, so here is a so long sixth post because as of last week, we are officially done with the sixth grade.  Oh, and also, now that this school year is […]