So Long Sixth!


Well, I did a So Long Fifth post last year when we officially got done with fifth grade, so here is a so long sixth post because as of last week, we are officially done with the sixth grade.  Oh, and also, now that this school year is done, I have already taught the grades of English that are to come.  So 7th grade English, I am already a step ahead of you, I’ve been there done that!

We had a great year, and as always, a great end of the year celebration – park day with friends, food, games and presents – It was awesome!  We only have one more school event planned, the end of the year science fair.  It’s only fun stuff for the next week and a half.

A look back on the year and so much has happened.  My boy is growing more and more and it is almost overwhelming!  What am I gonna do when he starts high school?  That is only a few years away…  And on that note, my oldest niece just got done with high school, and I am barely wanting to let myself believe that fact of reality, she was a baby yesterday too.  I know I have said this before, and I am sure I will say it again, but where does the time go?  Please, please, slow down some!


growing like a weed


family trips


new favorites


school trips


dog days


 We are ready for what’s next…