Me Made May: Week 2

I am a day early with this week’s Me-Made-May post, but I don’t really think anyone will notice.  So, when the month started, I endeavored to wear one ‘me made‘ outfit a week for the whole month of May. This week, I wore two, and finally got my sewing machine set up and running. (I actually got my sewing machine out of storage last week, but then couldn’t find my material scissors ANYWHERE! So there it sat just waiting to be started up until this last weekend when I finally made it to Wal-mart for a pair of scissors. I am kind of surprised that once I bought a new pair, my old pair didn’t mysteriously show up out of the blue; guess they really are lost… for now.)

Okay, enough of that, back to the matter at hand, Me-Made-May. My first outfit of the week, this skirt:


I have had this one for a while and wear it plenty of times during the year. It came from my most used pattern, I even replaced this pattern because I had lost the instructions many years back, so I now have two of them (and I think the missing instructions did eventually show up). I have made numerous skirts from this and even several pairs of the pants. The instructions are irrelevant at this point, I have this one down, unless I decide to give the shirt a try.

Now for outfit number two. I made this several years ago, and wore it a few times until the ribbon I used for the strap broke. I bought some more to fix it with, then guess what happened? I misplaced it. I promise I am not this absent minded on a regular basis, and also it sounds like I don’t know where anything is, but I do, I guess just not related to sewing projects. I eventually found the ribbon and put it somewhere I knew I wouldn’t forget, but then did exactly that and forgot. So, while I was shopping for material last week I found something to redo the straps with, and finally got it fixed and wore it the next day.


Now here is my only problem with a lot of the stuff that I make, I use cheap fabric. There was a time when Wal-mart had great $1.00 material. I would buy some every time I went shopping, but then the quality of the fabric went down, and I still bought it. Some of my material, like this orange dress, is very thin and it makes it kind of hard to work with, and even wear without a proper slip of some sort, so occasionally layering is in order.

The bonus to buying cheap material, however, is that it gives me a good first start and I don’t worry at all when I mess up, which happens more often than I would like. But now, I am going for the good stuff – well, the good stuff on the clearance racks. So I am approaching my next few sewing projects with patience and hoping for a good turn out the first time around.

20130512-001648.jpgNew Look 6730

20130512-105718.jpgNew Look 6778

6 Replies to “Me Made May: Week 2”

  1. I don’t know if you have easy access to thrift stores, but that’s where I’ve found some of my favorite fabric. I’ve used old curtains, sheets, and actual donated sewing fabric. And it’s cheap too! ❤


    1. I really liked the pattern of the material and the way it turned out worked well with the design.

      That’s the way I see it with the cheap fabric, and my initial thought of making my own clothes was to save some money as well.


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