The Thursday Thrift: A Closet Clean-out


May is the month that I do my spring cleaning.  Once school is over, I clean everything!  Behind and under all of the furniture, under all of the rugs, in every corner and hidden spot.  This includes my boy’s room and the closets.  I haven’t started the Great 2013 Clean-out yet, but I have started looking through my closet to get an idea of how many trash bags I am going to be needing.  (The trash bags aren’t just for trash, but for the donation pile as well.)

While starting to go through my closet, (I don’t tend to keep trash in there by the way, just unsorted piles of my clothes that haven’t been hanged up, or need to be fixed in some way) I found a few items that I had forgotten were thrifted.  This skirt being one of them.  I also found that I don’t really have any thrifted shirts.  I have pretty good luck finding new shirts for close to nothing on clearance racks, so I don’t tend to look for them when I am thrift shopping.

I have very few thrifted items that didn’t come from the Goodwill, this is another one I found there.  I kind of feel like this is a seasonal skirt, so I usually pack it away for winter with my summer clothes, and it has emerged again from the seasonal tub.

I have worn it with brown and with beige, but never red.  I usually stay away from too much red, but for today, why not?  Now if only I had a pair of turquoise shoes…  Na, just kidding.  I don’t think you will ever find me wearing turquoise, at least not as a main color.  Small amounts like on this skirt will be sufficient.

Does anyone else do a seasonal wardrobe, and stash things away for certain parts of the year?  There really are only a few things I put away when the seasons change, and they are mostly skirts so I don’t get tired of wearing the same ones over and over all year long.



| Shirt – Merona (Target clearance rack) || Skirt- A. Byer (thrifted) || Shoes – Candies || Necklace – handmade |

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