Free and Forgotten

Free and Forgotten

I had a friend refer to me as thrifty earlier this week.  (When I say friend, I mean someone who is married to someone I know, that I have never met, and he didn’t tell me, he commented to me on a photo I had posted on Instagram.)  I have never stopped to really think of myself as ‘thrifty’.  It is only in the last year or so that I have even shown the slightest bit of excitement to make a trip to my local Goodwill.  I have always tried to enjoy going to yard sales, but it was hard not ever really finding anything that I liked.  Somewhere in the last year or so though, my thrifty side has started to come out.  And I am so happy that it has!

I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for an item of clothing,  (I am sure it wasn’t that long ago, and more than likely I have suppressed the memory due to the guilt I had for paying full price!) but I feel like I haven’t bought a full priced item in quite a while.  I love sales, the clearance rack, ebay, and yard sales!  Last time I was out treasure hunting, I even went through the free bin, yes, I dug through the items that weren’t even good enough to put a $.25 cent price tag on, oh the horror!

You know what?  I am glad that I did.  Yes, I found a nice off-white, perfect for an undershirt, tank top with only one flaw, a small lipstick stain just above the bottom hem of lace.  Easy, I thought, I will just really quick seam rip the lace, cut above the stain, and reattach the lace, no hem required.  I did it, it was easy, and I now have the perfect undershirt for some of my too-low-in-the-front dresses, like this clearance rack Target find.  Perfect, I say!

And since I needed a simple necklace, preferably one with a touch of blue, I scavenged through my necklace tree and found this, a yard sale find to which I had never given a second thought.  I bought it and forgot it, but I am happy to have rediscovered it.  It was just the perfect touch!

A whole outfit less than $10.  Why, yes, I am happy to be called thrifty!

No Friday post this week, so I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Free and Forgotten Plaid

Free and Forgotten necklace

Free and Forgotten dress

Dress – Converse from Target || Camisole – Thrifted || Sunglasses – Candies || Necklace – Thrifted || Shoes – Doc Martens (ebay)

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4 thoughts on “Free and Forgotten

  1. Cute! The revised camisole matches so well that it looks like it’s just part of the dress! ‘Thrifty’ is a great compliment… and very apt from what I’ve seen you able to create with a few dollars. 🙂

  2. The seam rip, cut off the ugly, and reattach lace was a great idea! Very nice 🙂

    1. And I didn’t really lose any length in the shirt so I don’t just have to wear it under stuff.

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