The Thursday Thrift: Summer is Here

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Summer is here

Well, summer is almost here if you are reading a calendar.  Technically, we still have a few weeks left of spring, but if you are going by the weather, it is most definitely summertime.  And here in West Tennessee, summertime gets even hotter than this!  I am very much enjoying the weather we have been having lately, and I hope I get to enjoy a little more of it the way it has been before it becomes that part of summer that I don’t like, when real summer shows up, the summer of July and August.  (Not a fan of hot and humid!)

I am still waiting on a rain-free Friday to get out and shop the local yard sales.  It seems the last several Fridays have been too rainy and wet for rummaging through stranger’s garaged items.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for it, I am getting a little anxious to get out and see if there is anything to be found.

Since it is summer now – well, almost – you can expect to find me in my favorite cargo skirts almost weekly, if not even many times a week.  I think they are great for this time of the year, kind of like a shorts version of a skirt.  I have several, but this is the only one that has been thrifted, and I couldn’t have found it at a better time.

It was a couple of summers ago when my very worn Old Navy, green, cargo skirt got pulled the wrong way while I was getting into the car at Walmart.  It ripped from the back pocket right down the the whole back side.  Not just a small tear kind of rip, either.  Ugh, the embarrassment!  I was so very happy it happened when I left the store and was getting into the car, and not the other way around.  Had it happened just a bit differently, I could very well have found myself on that site The People of Walmart!  (By the way, not a good site to be featured on, in my opinion!)

I was so going to miss my olive green skirt that I had had for years, but then one day, I found its replacement, and where else would I find it?  At the Goodwill.  It is brown, but drab enough to be a close cousin to olive green, and it’s Old Navy brand also.  It was perfect!  I wear it all of the time in the summer, it is one of my favorites.

Summer is here 3

summer is here 4| Shirt – Maurice’s | Skirt – Old Navy (thrifted) | Shoes – Doc Martens (ebay) |

How about you, do you like to wear shorts in the summer or are you more of a skirt person?  Any thrifted purchases lately?  Leave me a comment.

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7 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift: Summer is Here”

  1. I just recently discovered that Old Navy makes a mean skort- little shorts with a wrap-around skirt! I think they’re meant as workout wear, but I think they hold their own with a cute top. Plus you can romp around without worrying about being ladylike. 🙂


    1. It has been a while since I have found myself in an Old Navy, I may have to drop in on my next shopping trip. I sometimes find myself in ‘unladylike’ situations, these may work for me. 😉


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