The Best of July

Another end to another month, and I am currently in denial that the boy and I have to get back with school in two and a half weeks.  I am going to tell on myself, I have put off my ‘summer’ cleaning.  I did go through some of my closet, but everything else, it has been untouched.  Now, don’t get the idea that my house is not clean, it is, I just have a few too many stacks of papers, school work and toys tucked away neatly into closeted spaces.  Plus, possibly a few dust bunnies under major appliances and on top of a cabinet or two, nothing noticeable at least.   I need to put ‘trash bags’ on my shopping list and get to it.  It would be nice to be decluttered before these next two weeks are gone.

So the end of the month and a whole phone full of photos!  I haven’t emptied my phone pictures since I got it about three years ago, gasp!  I do delete a few here and there, but I have most of my memory taken up by photos – never mind all of those that are on the point and click I carry around with me.  So, some highlights of my July, as seen by my iPhone:

20130729-191652.jpg 20130729-191717.jpg
20130729-191752.jpg 20130729-191811.jpg
20130729-191742.jpg 20130729-191730.jpg

I could have gone on and on with pics, but I will make do with these:
Blueberry harvest has come and gone / Green bean harvest, compliments of a very generous neighbor / Sleepover fun is not just for the boy / The most swimming yet / Plenty of lake days / Surprise painting party

Hope you all are truly enjoying your summer break!  Stop on by again tomorrow for this week’s Thursday Thrift post.  I think I am gonna change this to a weekly feature – all the more reason to get out and do some bargain hunting!  🙂

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