Me Made May: Week 1




My first week of Me-Made-May and I haven’t started any of my three projects yet.  I shopped for some material though, and I did wear my first me-made article of clothing.  This skirt is what I have to show for week one (or should I just refer to it as my Tennessee Titan’s Blue?  More about that in a minute).

First, about the skirt.  It is my most recent homemade item and it has shown up a few times on this here ole’ blog.  (Here and over here.)  It is my only blue skirt, and come to think of it, I really don’t have much blue at all.  The material is super stretchy and I managed to make this with only sewing the encasing for the elastic.  No hem and no side seams whatsoever.  And because it is so full, I cannot help but spin around in numerous amounts of circles when I do wear it.

The skirt came about from a messed up attempt at this dress: Butterick B4790.  I didn’t like the material I first started making it in, so instead of feeling like I wasted a whole day with nothing to show for, I used the skirt part of the pattern and made a skirt.  I like this skirt!IMG_2269[1]

Now, for the rest of the story.  I wasn’t intending on dressing in team colors when I got dressed this day, but it worked out in my favor.  Last Thursday, a few of the players from the Tennessee Titans were in a nearby city, and I thought the boy might want to go and see them.  Taking my guy’s advice, we took a football and got a few autographs.  I have to admit, we weren’t familiar with the players who were there, but it was fun nonetheless.  (Some fans we are!)  There was even wildlife on tour with them, and it was kind of funny that we were more familiar with the birds.  We had even seen both of these birds before at the state park, so it was kind of cool to see them again.


Player George Wilson signing the boy’s football.


Bella the red-tailed hawk, also seen here.


Sonny the bald eagle, also seen here.

Homemade blue skirts, Tennessee Titans, and wild birds, what a combination!  And that is why I just may refer to this skirt as my Tennessee Titan’s Blue from now on.

4 Replies to “Me Made May: Week 1”

    1. Thank you! I had this material for years before I made something. I didn’t want to ruin it so I waited for the perfect pattern, which really never showed up!
      The birds seemed pretty tame. They are used to people so that’s why I was able to get really close. 🙂


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