A Week in Pictures

We are getting some summer out of our summer break!  The last few weeks we have enjoyed not doing school work, not having a schedule, and not really having anywhere to be.  This week was a little different.  We still had no schoolwork, but we did have a schedule, and we had somewhere to be- for the whole week!  We signed up a few months ago for a Jr. Ranger summer camp at our local state park.  I signed up to be a volunteer/helper so I got to see all the fun the boy had through the camera lens and enjoy watching all of the great activities for the week.  We also had some growth in the garden which was a very exciting find.  My post this week is more of a picture post (if I can refrain from writing too much more, that is).  And so here is a look at our week, so far, in pictures:

9 Replies to “A Week in Pictures”

  1. I’m very glad you found photoshop, with a little help, I enjoyed it for a season myself..
    Right now thinking about doing a plog on my garden…can you tell me how to get started.
    I enjoy all kinds of art and having any eye for photos is a talent, I wish you well in your endeavors.
    I wanted to do a plog with video and picture up dates as well as writing posts…thanks Erica!


    1. Thank you for your comment. It really is pretty easy to get a blog set up. I only have wordpress experience which is what I would recommend. Just go to the home page of wordpress.com and sign up for a blog. Then once you get everything set up, it is very step by step, you can go to appearances on the dashboard page and pick how you want it all to look. All of the choices make it easy to add photos and even videos. Good luck with it! I would love to check it out when you get it going, so let me know 🙂


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