Ready, Set, Action!

Right now the morning is moving along, the coffee is getting cold, and the dirt outside is getting dry.  But I got an idea last night, late, so I had to just put a few things on hold this morning and try it out.  I love instagram, the iphone app that gives your pictures a somewhat retro, vintage type effect.  And since it only works for the pics on the phone I wondered if there was a way to do something like that on the computer.  “Sure there is,” my guy said.  “Just look for some Photoshop actions online and you should find something.”  Oh, really!  What is a Photoshop Action and how do I figure that out?  Then my guy proceeds to tell me what a Photoshop action is and how, basically, it is all the work that someone else did and made available for others, and at just the push of a play button in Photoshop, voila!  This is my kind of Photoshop!  It would seem that blogging is bringing out a more creative me and I am learning lots in Photoshop in addition to wordpress.  I only wish he would have told me about Photoshop actions months, years, ago.  I could have been doing this all along!

So today, I am gonna show off some of the pics I edited using Instagram filters as Photoshop actions.  I will give credit to where it is due:  This is where I got my step by step information, and it was as easy as could be!  I just love Photoshop, probably now more than Instagram 🙂

2 Replies to “Ready, Set, Action!”

  1. Love the photo effects, thanks for the info. I’m going to file this away for my some-winter-day project of printing a photo with a plain ole ink jet printer, then transferring it to my art journal page (could do same for cards, thank yous, wall art, etc). I’ve lost track of the instructions on how to do the transfers, but I remember enough to think this kind of photo would look great for the process.


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