Yay, it is Friday! I am so happy for the weekend and I am really glad we are supposed to have a nice, sunny day on Sunday – at least it was supposed to be when I last looked. We are starting to get some stuff planted in the yard and according to the radio guy, after this weekend we should be good to plant into the ground. I have to spend some time thinking about the garden I may or may not have.

This was the last full week of school for us and we just have half of the next one to go. I am ready for the break, and the boy is too!

Some photos from my week, Instagram style:


Our last field trip of the school year


Getting ready to start some projects


My first rose of the season


She is only sometimes cute and innocent…


Other times she is eating the boys homework! 


My first outfit for Me-Made-May (blog post to come)

*You can find me on Instagram @ DMGIRL.

That is all from me for this week.  Have a great weekend!

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