Fourteen Weeks of Summer

One week down, thirteen left to go!  This was the first week of our summer break.  The week is nearly over, and considering it is a break, it was very comparable to a typical busy week of school.  We were everywhere this week and I had high hopes of sleeping in, relaxing, and doing not much of anything  – just for one week – it didn’t happen.

So what did happen this week?  Nashville, a start at cleaning house, baby-sitting and grocery shopping.  Then, time spent at the state park, date night, last minute dealings for end of the school-year projects, and now before me, a busier than usual Friday.  It is good to be busy though, so don’t take my previous thoughts as complaints.  It was just a different kind of busy, really my break is from school, not everything else, huh.

There still are thirteen weeks left to go, so I am sure there is room for a lazy day hour in there somewhere.

20130517-081421.jpgWait a second, there was a lazy hour this week after all.  A lazy, happy hour, actually!  Complete with outdoor dining.

I made it to the library also this week.  I have decided that I need more of a gardening education.  Here is the start of my summer reading collection:


I am gonna do this the old fashion way, by reading books.  And I need all the information I can get.  I started a month ago by setting up  a few new planters, sticking bulbs in the ground and planting some seeds.  Of all of the seeds and bulbs I planted though, not one that was sown into the ground came up.  How is that for discouraging?  The few bulbs I planted in pots came up, so that got me thinking…  I sowed some more seeds into tiny starter containers, and if they make it, I will plant them and see if they grow from there.  So far, I see more than half of the little seedlings popping through in their containers.  I hope they keep growing!

Not all of my gardening attempts this season have been unsuccessful though.  I have several blueberry bushes that are COVERED with fruit, my best looking apple tree bloomed out and has some apples growing on it, and I have a beautiful rose bush COVERED with flowers in the backyard.  There is patience to be learned in everything!

20130517-081453.jpgI could just embrace the beauty of weeds, then my gardening life would be much simpler…

As for sewing this month.  I set my bar low, so I thought.  Three new projects and I haven’t started any of them.  Uh, oh!  Me-Made-May is halfway gone, I better get to it.  I do have all of the materials I need, and I did set up a sewing spot so all I need to do is get with it.  I just have a hard time sitting down to sew when there are other things to be done.  That’s what makes today so busy, I am gonna do all of the other things!

So ends my thoughts on week one of summer break.  All you who are on break from something yourselves, hope you are enjoying it!  And I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.

2 Replies to “Fourteen Weeks of Summer”

  1. I am jealous that you guys are on summer break already! We have 2 loooong weeks to go. Plus I’m teaching summer school in June so… meh. And I think weeds look pretty. Too bad they’re like… weeds. :p


    1. Two weeks always seems to go by fast when you aren’t paying attention, but not so much when you are counting down. Bummer about summer school teaching, but at least it is still summer and hopefully you will find yourself with a little more out of the classroom time. 🙂


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