Me Made May: Week 3

May is just moving right along whether I am sewing or not, and actually I am sewing, finally!  I got to my first project of three Saturday night, and I finished it.  I should get a chance to wear it sometime this coming week.  As far as wearing me-made items, it really hasn’t been that hard.  If I had a few more to start with, I would have endeavored to wear more than just one a week.  Most everything I have made, I do wear.  The few that I end up not liking once they are made, I am able to get rid of them pretty easily.

I don’t just make skirts either, I do also have a few dresses and shirts, but the dresses are not warm weather appropriate and I have yet to perfect a me-made shirt.  So you all are stuck seeing another one of my homemade skirts.



This one is a favorite.  I like to also wear it as an under skirt to add length to some of my not-quite-ankle-length dresses.  And since the material is thin, it is cool and comfy for a hot and humid day, even though it is black.

I have spent a little bit of time browsing through some of the other Me Made May blog posts, and I must say I am very inspired.  There is a great community of homemade fashionistas out there!  I haven’t made it to the flickr page yet, but I am sure there is even more over there.  I have gotten so many ideas just from what I have seen on other sites.  Good work to all of you, fellow participants!  I am looking forward to the rest of your homemade styles as the month goes on.

2 Replies to “Me Made May: Week 3”

    1. Thank you! I really like the top, I didn’t make it, but I sure wish I had a pattern of something similar. Lately I am doubting my sewing skills. I keep putting off what I really wanna try and make cause I am afraid I will mess it up. I just need to get over it and try something new. 🙂


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