Summertime Goals

I have done a post like this before.  One where I write about all of the things I would like to get done, thinking that once I write these things for the whole wide web to read, I will be motivated to get them accomplished.  There are several that I did get taken care of, and then there are those few that just ended up being words sent out into internet outer space, and there they still are.  (Sorry, Ethan, I know your room still needs to be painted.)

Right at this very moment my biggest summertime goal is exercising.  I just can’t seem to stick to a plan lately.  I really, really wanna run, but the Zumba class at the gym is so much more fun, and by the time I am done with it, I don’t feel much like getting on a treadmill.  A solution to this would be to get up early and run on the treadmill at home, but… Come 6:00am, that is really not how I wanna start my day.  I would rather enjoy a cup of coffee and check emails.  So, really how much of a priority is running?  Doesn’t seem like much of one now that I am analyzing it.  But, I still wanna run!  I think I should start slow, say two mornings a week?  That just might work.  Okay, starting this week, I will run in the morning.  There I said it to the world, I can’t take it back.  (On a slightly related note, but not really, I just found out tonight that my most favorite Zumba teacher will be teaching at my gym, I can’t wait for next Monday!)

20130520-223027.jpgNot exactly the kind of running I had in mind, but this kind would be a lot of fun!  

Next on this current list of summertime goals, get a plan for our newly fenced in backyard.  I have four corners to fill and lots of planters to come up with.  Having a fenced in yard just gave me some great motivation for landscaping, I finally have a backdrop, if you will, to work with.  I have already started with this, I just have to keep at it.  And this very evening on my way home, I passed by a neighbor who makes things and sets them out in his front yard to sell, and he had something that caught my eye.  Mostly he has picnic tables and decorative well houses, but this evening I thought I saw a metal, canopy type thing that would make a great centerpiece in the yard.  At least I thought it looked like something I would want, but I have to go back and double check, it was kind of getting dark and I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up for nothing more than a piece of scrap metal with some tall pipes holding it up.  Although, there is some pretty neat stuff that can be made from scrap metal and old pipe!  😉



Beautiful flowers shouldn’t just be for the front yard! 

Lastly, for now, on this list of ‘summertime goals’, I would like to get more creative with cooking.  I am thinking something different once a week, whether it be a side dish or a main.  I am in need of more variety for my weekly menus.  I really am getting tired of the same ole thing when it comes to dinner.  My guy kindly got me a new magazine subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, and I am ready to put all of those community college, culinary arts, techniques to good use – that is if I still remember them…  Oh, I think I’m good, magazines have pretty good step by step instructions, and pictures!

20130520-223118.jpgBoring Nachos on a Friday night?  Not for much longer…

Okay, I am all set.  I am ready to run first thing in the morning twice a week, and something new should be on the dinner table before the week is over.  Plus, I am already working on planting pretty things in the yard, so I am a step ahead with that.

I am looking forward to what will come of this summer.  Stay tuned, I am sure I will have more to complain say about this as time goes on.

8 Replies to “Summertime Goals”

  1. Good luck with all of your goals! I am terrible at running – but summer is such a great time to start! Such beautiful flowers! And those nachos make me want to make some right now hehe xo


  2. You have some great goals! Good luck with the running, as you know I’ve been struggling with my running too – we can cheer each other on. And good luck with the backyard and cooking!


  3. I think summer is probably the best time to start running – it’s so much nicer to go out when it’s relatively warm, as opposed to weighing up the chances of slipping on ice in the middle of winter. Also you’re more likely to go out for a morning run when you look out of the window and see sunlight, rather than street lights. Somehow it feels less ominous.
    All the best with your running!


    1. I appreciate the kind words! The early morning is the best time of the day for me, and I would much rather be running in the sunlight. Plus, my guess is that it would take longer to get out the door in wintertime. Thanks!


  4. So, as you know, I sometimes run even though I am not a “runner.” I have found that running outside is a lot easier as far as motivation goes. It also seems to be a little easier on the body. You can make subtle pace changes so it doesn’t seem so daunting and when you make those pace changes you don’t have make the conscious effort to reduce the speed on the treadmill thus making you feel out of shape. And I must comment on your nachos, I am always looking for new and exciting stuff to make for dinner. The Nachos look yummy! I think I have just found something new to add to my menu. 🙂 Thank you.


    1. And from what I hear, it seems to me you ARE a runner! 😉 I think I would prefer to run outside, more scenery and not so boring also. Thanks for the tips and thanks about my nachos. I usually put some garnish on them, and usually they look better than that pic. They are a favorite around here and so very easy!


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