Week two of 2017 is just about filed away for good.  I can’t say too much about it; I was pretty busy with back to school stuff and sorting out grades etc. from the last quarter.  I am almost done with my paper work for that, and after today I am hoping to be completely finished, then I can start all over again with this next nine weeks.  School keeps me the most busy most of the year I would say.  No need to go into any more details about that so let’s move along and talk about the weather, shall we?

boot weather may be on its way out already...
boot weather may be on its way out already…

It warmed up and everything melted.  In fact it was 70 degrees on Wednesday.  We went from 9* last Friday to 70* a few days later.  I had to turn the AC on in the car, crazy I say!  Rain was called for for most of the week and I am happy it wasn’t as much as I was expecting.  We had a few really nice evenings, and the sun peeked out from the clouds just long enough to make me happy a couple of times.  Not sure what we have in store weather-wise for next week, I haven’t even bothered to look lately.  I guess I will just let it keep me guessing.


In my free time I’ve been doing a little bit of online window shopping, and I’ve been thinking about what projects to sew next.  I have a couple of dressy occasions coming up in several months, and I am liking the idea of using them as an excuse to make myself something fancy for the occasions.  Not that I need a reason to make myself a new dress, but these might actually need a little more time to make.  I haven’t done any wine in the last two weeks.  I have a batch or two about ready to bottle now, and another batch that needs to be re-racked.  Then there is always more to start making.  I’m planning next week out to accommodate for that.  I really haven’t had as much time as I wanted for wine stuff this week, with the exception of drinking it.  Stephen and I opened a bottle of some from last February earlier in the week.  We both liked it, so that makes it a success in my book.


I guess that is about all I have to say.  Like I said earlier, there wasn’t much to this week.  Sorry about that.  Maybe next week will have more going on.

*Photos for today’s post came from my Instagram account.  Please feel free to follow me there for more of a day to day insight of my life (user name: DMGIRL) Sometimes I have something exciting to post.  Mostly it’s just photo challenge pics, outfits of the day, driving, and snaps of my dog.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


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