Everyone Else Is Posting Snow Pictures, So Here Are Mine…

Hello, hello!  How is everyone this nice Monday evening?  Me, I can’t complain.  We are back to school and so far everything is A-OK!  Also, it warmed up today to be in the high 40’s.  All the snow is basically melted, but I am happy about that.  You see, around here, snow on the roads is mostly ice, and I am not one of those people who likes driving on ice.  We had not gotten over freezing temps since last Thursday – Friday through Sunday were pretty much in the teens.  It’s been cold and I haven’t wanted to do much of anything that involves being outside, especially driving.

My guy, on the other hand, is crazy.  He and my boy sat in a cold deer stand Sunday morning and I know they were cold, freezing cold.  I was warmly tucked away indoors, cleaning and grading papers.  It was a no sewing Sunday, much to my dismay, but I got to start the new week with a nice clean house, and plenty of laundry put away.  It ended up being a good thing after all.

I did venture out this weekend, however.  My guy and I took a nice scenic drive through the park to go see how things looked at the cabin.  Everything looked good, and I was finally able to get a few snowy pictures.  I tried on Friday to get some of the freshly fallen snow, but made it as far as the back yard with my boy when I decided that 10 degrees was too cold for me to be walking around in without the proper amount of layers.  I only managed to throw on a pair of fleece pants, a sweater, and a jacket, and it wasn’t enough to keep me warm.  So back inside I went, probably right after my boy took this pic of me…


as I was taking a picture of this…


Not that exciting.  I was wanting to see some brightly colored birds but no luck.  At the cabin though, I did see this:bird-on-a-wire-2


Not so bright, but he did stand out amongst the vines.  Maybe I will get a cardinal next time.




That is all I have for tonight.  Who else got snow?  How much did you end up with?