Everyone Else Is Posting Snow Pictures, So Here Are Mine…

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Hello, hello!  How is everyone this nice Monday evening?  Me, I can’t complain.  We are back to school and so far everything is A-OK!  Also, it warmed up today to be in the high 40’s.  All the snow is basically melted, but I am happy about that.  You see, around here, snow on the roads is mostly ice, and I am not one of those people who likes driving on ice.  We had not gotten over freezing temps since last Thursday – Friday through Sunday were pretty much in the teens.  It’s been cold and I haven’t wanted to do much of anything that involves being outside, especially driving.

My guy, on the other hand, is crazy.  He and my boy sat in a cold deer stand Sunday morning and I know they were cold, freezing cold.  I was warmly tucked away indoors, cleaning and grading papers.  It was a no sewing Sunday, much to my dismay, but I got to start the new week with a nice clean house, and plenty of laundry put away.  It ended up being a good thing after all.

I did venture out this weekend, however.  My guy and I took a nice scenic drive through the park to go see how things looked at the cabin.  Everything looked good, and I was finally able to get a few snowy pictures.  I tried on Friday to get some of the freshly fallen snow, but made it as far as the back yard with my boy when I decided that 10 degrees was too cold for me to be walking around in without the proper amount of layers.  I only managed to throw on a pair of fleece pants, a sweater, and a jacket, and it wasn’t enough to keep me warm.  So back inside I went, probably right after my boy took this pic of me…


as I was taking a picture of this…


Not that exciting.  I was wanting to see some brightly colored birds but no luck.  At the cabin though, I did see this:bird-on-a-wire-2


Not so bright, but he did stand out amongst the vines.  Maybe I will get a cardinal next time.




That is all I have for tonight.  Who else got snow?  How much did you end up with?

3 Replies to “Everyone Else Is Posting Snow Pictures, So Here Are Mine…”

  1. We got about 6 inches here in NC. School is closed for the second day tomorrow. Tomorrow we are supposed to get above freezing.


    1. Whoa, 6 inches! That’s a good amount of snow. The public schools here were still closed today, just in case some of the rural backroads weren’t quite clear. All the roads should be good tomorrow. The road clearing crews are really slow to get working over in West TN when we get weather like this.


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