Nineteen weeks into 2017!  When did that happen?  Whew, I will be very happy come this time next week.  School is all I can think about right now; and specifically, grading.  I’m working on it, but it does sometimes seem never ending.  I think it is because I have too many things that get me sidetracked while I am at home working on papers.  Today it was laundry, as it usually is on a Friday.  Then it was driving my boy around, taking him to his various activities.  Today it was the sporting goods store, gymnastics, and then to piano.  Right now, I am very happy it is Friday night, and I can finally take a breather and relax for a bit, and I don’t have to be anywhere for a little while.  It will be next week soon enough, then it’s back at it for one more week as far as school goes.

My view for a good part of the day.

I shouldn’t complain.  This year has probably been one of my easiest years so far.  The boy’s work was pretty straight forward and he was able to do a lot of it without the usual involvement on my part.  I suspect it will be similar next year – I hope so anyway.  Aside from that, there wasn’t much else going on in my week.  I don’t have a very interesting life sometimes, I am sorry.

Actually, I did go to Nashville, twice, this week though.  Once on Sunday, but it was for family fun day.  We always seem to make a trip to Nashville on the first weekend in May.  I guess it’s just a little preview to summer.  We only went to the mall, but it was the Opry Mills Mall and there is plenty to keep a family occupied over there.  I got a couple of things – dresses, are you surprised?  And we got to do some fun family stuff.  Dave and Busters being one of those things, and eating out, which I am always a fan of.  Not so much for the food and drinks, but more for the fact that it is one less meal I have to cook.  The food and drinks were pretty good though.  😉

Then on Wednesday, my guy and I made the trip back again, but this time to Franklin for our regular six month dental cleaning.  Nothing exciting this day except another mall trip, but for an iPhone battery that the Apple store didn’t have.  But we got to eat out again.  I will be going back on Monday, sigh.  So, yeah a little more traveling than I am use to these days, but it’s almost the end of the school year so I am happy about that!  And I will soon have a fully functioning iphone battery; can’t wait…


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