Back to My Regularly Scheduled Life

Icy Beech Lake

Standing on the Lake


Backyard Pond

too cold for basketballToday just about ends the first regular week of this year, complete with added arctic air.  It was cold everywhere I hear, and Tennessee was no exception.  A high in the teens on Monday and two mornings with close to zero degrees, how cold was it where you are?  I couldn’t help but remember those Northern New Mexico winters, and thought to recreate a time when frozen ponds this time of the year were a normal thing.  Well, it didn’t really work here in West Tennessee, because there was no way we were gonna ice skate on these bodies of water.  There was just a bit of ice at the lake that was no doubt all gone by Wednesday.  (The high is supposed to be 56 today, by the way.)

School is back in full swing, and so is the grading and all of the extras.  Now the weeks will be back to flying by, and before I know it, I will be ready for the summer break – 80 days away, give or take, not that I am paying any attention.  Also, my gym life is back and so is watching what I eat.  I still haven’t made much progress with losing those extra summer pounds, but according to the My Fitness Pal app on my iphone, if I keep up the calorie counting and exercise, the scale will read my normal weight in about 5 weeks – human error not taken into account.  (I didn’t know that a Burger King value meal would just about make my calorie quota for the day, oops!)

Ah, the gym, I have not stepped foot into that place for about a month, and I don’t know why.  Well, maybe that fact that I was lazy had something to do with it.  Not lazy with everything, just with wanting to work out.  It seems when you don’t really have your heart in it, anything sounds better than exercising, and for me, every excuse is valid.

There was the usual beginning of the year gym rush when I went this week, and I’m sure it will die down soon, it always does.  I kind of like working out when I don’t have to wait for the weights.  But I was expecting it, everyone wants to get in shape for a new year.  I am hoping for some of the classes to remain.  I tried to take one on Tuesday, but I guess I was the only one who thought it was a good idea because not even the teacher was there.  Hopefully next week…

So I am ending the week slightly sleepy, and I am ready for the weekend so I can catch up on some rest – it was a busy week.  This weekend is the last of hunting for the season, youth hunt for my boy, so it will be my last uninterrupted sewing, and or blogging day this Sunday.  I don’t know what I want to do more.  I have a dress idea, but I also have some blog ideas as well… I should have my mind made up by Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

2 Replies to “Back to My Regularly Scheduled Life”

  1. Beautiful photographs! I hear ya on being surprised by fast food value meals… with them adding the calorie counts to drive thru menus these days, it really has me thinking before I order. And then I order anyway and regret it lol. Good luck with that!


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