Something Comfortable // The Thursday Thrift


Green Velvet Pants 2

Pants – Silver Wear (clearance TJ Maxx) // Sweater – So // Shoes – Doc Martens // Necklace – made by me

There is no doubt, as far as comfort goes, for me, dresses are a great option.  They mostly just slip on, there’s not usually a constricting waistband, and no need to spend much time trying to find matching tops, bottoms etc.  Comfort and ease really.  But what if you want to feel not as dressed up as you would inevitably be in a dress?

Most of the time I don’t worry about being overdressed – or under dressed for that matter.  I think I have only one dress that fits the fancy category, and whenever it seems I might be looking slightly on the overdressed side, I throw on one of my overly worn cardigans, or wear one of my t-shirts underneath, and nothing says dress it down to me more than one of my old pairs of Doc Martens.

But after a whole month of wearing dresses, I missed pants.  Jeans really aren’t the most comfortable, in my opinion, and I wanted to feel a little laid back and relaxed today, but still not look like I didn’t bother, so for this week’s Thursday Thrift post I chose these palazzo style, green velvet pants.  (I had to google what they were called, because for the last few years I thought they were gauchos, but then don’t gauchos tend to be short?)

I’ve always referred to these as my comfy pants; my boy likes to call them pajama pants.  I have had at least one pair of this style in my wardrobe at all times since I first came across them in high school.  My favorites have always been crushed velvet, and I learned several years back that they are very easy to make.  (I made myself a whole collection with drawstring ties while I was pregnant.)

My black high school pair had started to show their years, so I was very happy to have found these one day while out bargain shopping.  I remember so well, they were $3.00 – you can’t even buy a yard of material to make them for that price!  I wasn’t sure about the color, but they were coming home with me regardless.  (I do love green, but these were my first pair of green pants.)  I haven’t styled them with anything other than black, and I don’t think I want to style them with anything other than drab or neutral colors, because then I might run the risk of being too colorful, and in a clown style kind of way.  Not a look I am going for!

Green Velvet Pants 3

What do you think?  To me, these could fit the dressy pants category.  Also, depending on the top, it would be easy to make them look casual.  One could also dress them down even more with a tank top or a t-shirt.  Today, I am feeling super casual.  Like I said, a pair of Docs seem to take the outfit down a notch, but maybe I balanced it out with the sweater.  🙂

Today, I am happy to have someone else participating in The Thursday Thrift.  High Latitude Style has a thrift inspired post up as well, so stop on over and see how she is wearing the season’s trend of black and white:

High Latitude Style

Until next time… If anyone is interested in joining in on the Thursday Thrift, details are here.

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    1. I have seen a few culottes lately that I really liked. Either my tastes have seriously changed concerning culottes, or they really are making them nicer than I remember. Thanks for the comment.


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