The Last of Dressember

Four weeks of only dresses complete! I love these clothing challenges and I have to admit that after three times of doing this, it wasn’t that much of a challenge. This weekend was the first time I got to where I wanted to wear a pair of pants, and I have this new skirt I made that I can’t wait to wear for a day.

It wasn’t hard at all, and I think I won’t be too disappointed to be wearing clothes with a fastening waistband again.  One of the downsides of not having a waistband all month long is that you realize when you get into your favorite pair of pants just how much of the extras you have been eating.  Even though I haven’t been working out much this month, I at least haven’t really been eating that bad.  I hope my pants still fit…

So, here it is, the last of the daily dresses.  Thanks for following along, I am happy that you did.  Rest assured, no more excessive amounts of photos of me for a bit.  I do have one more outfit post scheduled for this week though, the first Thursday Thrift post of the new year, just so you know, but other than that, I will try and keep the self-photography to a minimum for a while.

And here they are, the last of the dresses for this year:

Simple velvet dressdress – thrifted (very old)

homemade wardrobedresses – made by me // Atmosphere

This was the first time I had worn these bright blue tights and I loved them!  The color is definitely on the stand out side, but they are fleece lined, and they are so warm and cozy.  I will be getting some more of these! (Vera Wang brand from Kohl’s, last season on super-clearance – in case you were wondering.) 

colorful floral dressesdresses – Maurices // New York and Co.

homemade dressdress – made by me

Another day that got away from me.  I was running late out the door during daylight hours, so not the best picture I am afraid.  The dress really is pretty, and I have blogged about it here if you wanna see a better pic.

dresses for winterdresses – Old Navy // Elle

Today was starting to get away from me, but I got my last photo taken while the sun was still shining.  And that is all, everyone.  Whether I do this again next year, I don’t know yet, but I will be wearing a pair of pants tomorrow that is for sure.  It has been fun!

Thanks again for reading. 🙂

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