December’s Dress

New Look 6143

New Look 6143It was a pretty unproductive sewing month for me, everyone.  I started December’s dress on the 1st and immediately messed it up, got discouraged, and left it where it was until last weekend.  When I picked it up again, it seemed my major mistake could be worked around, so I thought I would give it another try – practice makes perfect, right?  Things were going well, it seemed like I could make it work, until I noticed some torn seams due to my fabric choice and that original mistake.  There was no fixing it now, so the bodice was binned.  I had no extra material, super-clearance and all, so I had to find something else.

Here is where Walmart came to the rescue.  Their sewing section seems somewhat decent these days, so I was able to find some replacement fabric and get back to my sewing machine.  I really thought about making something completely different, but started back with my original plan.

New Look6143

New Look 6143, dress C

I definitely had a few things come up with this dress.  First off, just as I was starting again, my one and only needle broke.  I should know by now NOT to sew over pins!  Then I ran out of thread, forgot to pick some up at the store, and ended up winding my own from one of my serger spools, by hand.  I also had a bit of trouble with the fit at the back of the dress and had to unpick the zipper, which was no fun at all.  I also forgot all about the waist ties so had to put those on after the bodice had already been finished.  (I couldn’t get a good enough picture of the backside of the dress with the ties, sorry.)  Despite all of those issues though, the dress didn’t come out that bad.  I wasn’t too crazy about the sleeves initially, not smooth enough at the seams, but after wearing it and seeing myself with the dress on, they aren’t that bad.  The pattern does show them smooth, so I am sure I did something wrong.  Sleeves have never been the easiest for me, I definitely need more practice with them.

All in all, I like the finished product, and I will wear it – my true test for a project well done.  What do you think?  I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Dress View

New Look 6143

I probably could have done a bit better with my pattern matching in a few places, but there’s always next time.

Now to think of what I should do for January.  I am torn between another dress with sleeves or not, and something without darts would be nice.  After working with princess seams a few months ago, I much prefer them to darts.  I am also thinking of going with one of these Independent pattern makers that I have been reading so much about lately. By Hand London is one that I really like – perhaps the Elisalex dress…

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