In One Week’s Time…

I made stuff this week, and it was great!  Three sewing projects – two of which are completely done, 6 gallons of wine – bottled, a comfrey root tincture, and even a science project – this I observed, but still, it was a very productive week!

I finished the top of my quilt on Tuesday and I am so excited to go on to the quilting part.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will be before that part starts.  I am having the hardest time ordering fabric for the backing.  It is special fabric, extra wide flannel, and I have only found the one I want on  The problem with this is that when I am ready to order, it is out of stock.  I thought I had it coming my way this week, but got an email notifying me that it was once again not available, sigh.  Hopefully soon it will get stocked or I might have to reconsider my options.  I really want a flannel backed quilt though… The rest of my order was in stock, and I can’t wait to make something out of this material. 

20131227-074308.jpgIt’s probably gonna be a dress

My two other sewing projects were an unintended skirt, and the dress I am making for December (post to come).  The skirt got finished right away, but the dress is on hold until I get some more thread.  I just need to put in the zipper and make a few minor adjustments.  I can’t believe I ran out of thread, I have never run out of thread – that I can recently remember – and I was at Walmart yesterday, in the sewing section.  Oh well.  It should be done by the time the weekend is over.  That is assuming nothing else gets in the way.  I have already had a few too many things that have slowed this project down.

20131227-074327.jpgIt is coming along very nicely

As for the wine, it had been making for the last month, so I technically didn’t make it this week, but I did get it bottled and now it’s a finished batch, sitting in the dark washroom for a month to age.  I can’t wait!  It was a lot better than the last batch at bottling, and I think we got our siphoning down so that it is pretty much sediment free, yay!


If only I had two week’s time, I would have probably gotten to paint my boy’s room, but really, probably not.  I have been saying that I am gonna paint his room during break for years!

Now, it’s Friday and that means this is the last weekend before everything gets back to being kind of normal.  There still is one more week off from the boy’s extracurricular activities, and yet another day home for my guy on Wednesday, so really I have a half-normal week ahead of me.  Even though it’s not a regular week, surely there’s not enough time to paint.

I will gladly enjoy whatever else I find to do (as long as it doesn’t involve a paintbrush).  🙂

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