Dressember Week Three

Three whole weeks of wearing only dresses and it really hasn’t seemed like a challenge at all.  Maybe the real challenge has been taking decent photos.  After a whole month of seeing pictures of myself, I am starting to think that I look weird in almost all of them.

Despite that, here is the last week of my life – in dresses:

Dressember16th-17th dresses – Old Navy || made by me

Monday and Tuesday were sunny and kind of warm compared to the cold Sunday at the football game – a twenty degree difference actually.  Only errands and school work on these two days.

Greydress – Lost

Wednesday, hubby decided to take the rest of the week off for, I guess you could call it a hunting vacation.  Since it was the last day of regular school work, my boy also got to spend the afternoon in a deer stand while I went to take blog photos and shop at the local mall, Walmart.

20131222-131028.jpgdress – xhiliration

On Thursday, we had our end of the semester, school party, and since my guy was off, he and I went out for the evening.  The day went by way too fast, and it was late and dark when I realized I hadn’t taken a photo yet.  A mirror selfie was the best I could do.  I am not good at taking photos like this!

Dressember20thdress – No Boundaries

Friday was a wonderful day.  I got to sleep in, and since I had cleaned up a few nights earlier, I didn’t have much to do at all.  Plus, Stephen was home so we just spent the day hanging out.  Of course we had to go to Walmart, and then ate a late lunch in town.  It was nice not being so busy for once!

Dressember21stdress – xhiliration with a shirt on top

Saturday, it stormed.  When the weather is 72 degrees on the first day of winter, with wind advisories and rain headed in, it isn’t gonna be good!  The worst of the weater was expected in the afternoon but showed up in the evening, just as we were driving home.  It was the worst rain I have had to travel in EVER!  It was as if buckets, nay barrels, were being poured on us non stop and the wind, I was sure there was a tornado forming just outside of the car when a small branch hit the windshield – this small branch totally seemed like a tree trunk at the time.  

My weather channel app apparently wasn’t loading correctly, and I thought we were gonna be home bound ahead of the storm, but turns out we were right in the red.  My distrust of the Weather Channel app has now been confirmed!  We made it home and had power, but our plans for the night were not gonna be because the cabin where we were planning to stay was powerless.

Sunday, I am sorry to say, was the day I broke my own rule and spent the whole day in sweatpants.  I didn’t leave the house, and after having such a late night, didn’t feel like putting any effort into what I was gonna wear.  I sewed and messed around with blog stuff.  It is fine to be a bum once in a while, isn’t it?


dress – Old Navy

Monday was spent in Nashville getting wine supplies and some bulk groceries.  The first day of break and I hated having to go somewhere, but I would much rather it be on Monday than any other day this week.

There you go, the dresses I wore for the week and then some.  Only one more week of Dressember to go!  I will have that post up next Tuesday as well.

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8 Replies to “Dressember Week Three”

  1. Hi Erika! I love the orange dress with the large brown flowers the very most of all of these fun dresses. Thank you for linking up with “Fashion item Friday” again. That is way cool of you. ♥


  2. Cute dresses as always! I think I love the last one the best, especially with the boots… But the orange one and brown ones are gorgeous too!


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