Uniquely You

I am no stranger to the seemingly endless supply of unique dresses and accessories from ModCloth.com, I even mentioned a few weeks back how my wish list was growing almost daily.  Well, last week I was contacted by a Mod Cloth stylist and asked to come up with a clothing collage to submit for their Uniquely You campaign with Polyvore.  There was no hesitation on my part, and I anxiously awaited the email with the featured piece of the week.

My challenge was to create a look of my own around this dress using up to seven other Mod Cloth items.  The bonus is that a winning outfit will be picked and displayed on Modcloth’s Polyvore page.  Perhaps I have created the winning outfit…  But first, the item I was to style around:

ModCloth’s Committee Celebration Dress

ModCloth Committee Celebration DressAnd here is what I came up with:

Modcloth style

It is a very pretty dress; I love the style and the neckline.  I like to dress my outfits up with tights, the more unique the better.  It was hard to settle on a pair, there were so many choices, but I thought these went well without over doing it.

I am not really a high-heeled kind of girl, as any long time readers may know, and I looked through every pair of shoes and these were one of my absolute favorites!  (I might even end up with a pair myself, because it looks like they come in my size.)  They aren’t too fancy, but they are dressier than a regular ole pair of flats.

I am not really a fan of very over the top jewelry, and with the neckline of this dress, I thought this necklace would be a nice touch.

Then there is the yellow bag.  I am really liking yellow these days, and I wanted to pick something that would stand out and take away from the darker colors.

What do you think?  Should I have gone with a different color choice for my bag?  It and the necklace were the two that I went back and forth with the most.  However, I would totally wear this outfit exactly how it is, blue belt and all.

Many thanks to Mod Cloth for the opportunity to participate in this campaign.  I came across even more items that I might have to make my own.

*And as a side not, if you are wondering, my Dressember round up post will be a day late this week.  Stop back by tomorrow for that. 

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