Dresses, Boots, and Shoe Saves

Here it is, my first weekly round-up of Dressember.  Week one is now officially in the 2013 archives!  I have a few things to write on and on about, the main thing being all of the dresses that I have worn, along with some barely okay photos of said dresses.  (Everyday was dreary so all of my pictures are a bit more drab than I would have liked.  Sometimes Photoshop can only do so much!)  But, before I get to the dresses, how about these boots?

army green bootsBoots – Jacobies, Army Tina from Zulily.com

Yes, I talk shoes every once in a while and lately, I have mostly been showing my shoes without much details.  That is just because I have already given you all the wonderful stories of my shoes the last time I blogged about a shoe challenge, but you have never heard about these boots because they are brand-spankin’ new!

I was online the day before Black Friday looking up something, I don’t remember what it was, but I kept coming across this advertisement for the site zulily.com.  On the link was a great looking pair of black, back- laced boots.  I really liked those boots, so I followed the link hoping to find them.  I did not find them, but what I did find was the pair I wore last Tuesday.  I needed a pair of green boots you see, and so I took a chance and bought these.  This chance was because there were no returns allowed and these were a size too big.  Nothing other than a six was available, and I didn’t like any of the other boots I had seen that were closer to my size of 5.  These were purchased on Thursday, and arrived at my house by Monday, just a standard shipping fee required, not bad at all.

There was a handy measuring guide on the site, so I had an idea that these would at least not be slipping off of my feet too much, and since they were boots, more than likely they would be worn with thick, probably wool socks.  I was right, they fit perfectly and after a day of wearing them, I like them more than I thought I would when I first took them out of the box.  I liked them on the site, but they had a pointier toe than I am used to seeing on myself.  That could have been a problem if I would have let it be (I can be way too picky when it comes to shoes!), but I got over it and want to wear them everyday now.

They also seem to go alright with one of my green dresses, worn on the 3rd of Dressember.

homemade dress Shoe Save 12

Now for the rest of the dresses:

Since I had what I wore on the 1st already posted last week, here is what I wore on the 2nd.

Old Navy dress An Old Navy dress that I don’t think I like anymore.  Worn for a day of school and an afternoon of quilting.  You can probably see some thread stuck to me somewhere.

The 3rd, the homemade green dress above.

Winter White dressThe 4th, my newest dress that was also last week’s Thursday Thrift feature – brand Monteau.

dresses worn in winterFor the 5th I wore two dresses, this green dress (No Boundaries brand) on the left worn with a shirt on top for most of the day, and another one that night for a party which probably should have been the one photographed – it looked much nicer.  On the 6th, this striped dress on the right, (brand Rue 21) which wasn’t warm at all.  There was an ice storm on its way into town and good thing I only left the warm indoors for a few minutes to take pictures.

homemade dress

Bullboxer bootsThe 7th, another homemade dress worn with a shirt on top.  Also, these boots, Bullboxer brand, which make another Shoeperwoman.com shoe save for the week – save 13.

homemade dressAnd on Sunday the 8th, a repeat of Saturday’s homemade dress.  We had no power for about half of the day, it was cold, and I didn’t put much effort into my outfit.  I didn’t even put my contact lenses in, a lazy day for sure!

And that is it, a week of dresses and two shoe saves!  I only wished that the sun had shined some, maybe this week…

Check back next Monday for Dressember, week two.  Have a great week!

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9 Replies to “Dresses, Boots, and Shoe Saves”

  1. Love those boots, they definitely work with that dress! And you have teeny fit, I thought my size 6 was little! Seriously, I always want to wear dresses when I come to your blog!


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