Dressember Week 2: A Week of Black and White

I ended up with a theme for this week.  It started off unintentional, but then I just went with it.

black and white dresses

black and white dress

black and white dresses

polka dotted dress

I picked out a black and white dress on Monday, and then decided to see what else I had that was black and white.  It didn’t take too long to find out that I had quite a few dresses with these colors.  I lined them all up and had more than enough to make it seven days.

I went with something a little bit different for a few outfits, and wore my dress over a pair of jeans.  This is not a style I go with very often, but once in a while, it is a good idea.  On Friday, I had some outside stuff to do, so I did a repeat outfit with jeans, and then on Sunday the same kind of thing.  Both days required me to be warm and the jeans looked much better than my overly faded leggings.

Really, I probably have enough black and white to carry me though another week, but I don’t have a theme planned for this one; maybe something will come to me while I am getting ready for today…

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  I am a little tired today and kind of dragging by, so I really hope the day picks up.  Dressember is already half way gone!

*For a look back: Dressember Week 1