Just a Normal Friday


We made it through the ice storm catastrophe that wasn’t, good thing, and I made it through this very cooler than usual week.  Temperatures mostly in the 30’s, but the sun shined everyday so it was all good.  It just dawned on me that we have one more week left before our winter break.  I am so excited about this and really can’t believe it got here so fast!  We must have been working so hard, and doing so much that I hadn’t realized.  I have no plans; it is going to be great!

Today is just a typical Friday for me, only with much less cleaning.  I did a lot of that a few days ago, whew!  So maybe I will find some time to do something fun, like… oh, I don’t know, I will probably just end up grading papers, since it is that time to have all of that in order.  At least I am very much on top of it this year compared to my normal procrastinating self.  I actually think I have improved some with the procrastination, which is a very good thing.

I am very happy that the predicted all day of rain for Sunday has changed to Saturday.  We have plans, and for once in a long while these plans don’t include two of the three of us sitting in a deer stand.  Instead, the three of us will be sitting in stands of a different sort.  Those that are high above everyone else, perfect for viewing the figures of football players, running back and forth on a green field.  I am describing the nosebleed section of LP Field, and the football game at which we hope to be this Sunday.  I managed to get a hold of several tickets to the Titan’s game, and we are all anxiously awaiting the weekend.  Even me, the non-football fan of the house.  These tickets are even a bit better than the last couple of times that we have gone.  I say better, but way up there at the top, I think it all probably looks the same.  I will try and remember the binoculars this time. 😉

I guess I should make sure that all of my warmest tights are clean and my winteriest dress is somewhere hanging in my closet, it is gonna be cold, 37 degrees for a high, and I am planning on wearing a dress…

I am happy to have something to get ready for and I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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