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The First Friday of 2017

Well, here we are again, another year starts and already week one is in the books.  I have kept you all in the loop somewhat of my week so far with the last couple of posts.  Since Tuesday, I have a nose that is finally feeling all better, […]

Friday’s Post

A Friday for me without a blog post doesn’t usually happen.  (Never mind the last two Friday’s that were post-less.  I am on top of things today though.)  It was a wonderful week!  The weather was closer to our normal November temperatures the last couple of days, and […]

TN Cotton Field

Fall Break

Friday, already?  I do wish that the week would have gone by a little slower, but I am happy with the break that I had and even happier with the lack of school-related thoughts.  I did for a few minutes today think about what is to come next […]

Happy to be Home

It has been a whole month of weekly day trips for me, and this last Monday was my last one.  That one day a week traveling has thrown my days off, and I absolutely enjoyed all day yesterday at home.  With the exception of a couple late afternoon […]

Another Friday Five

It’s Friday again.  I thought the week was going so slow, and then Wednesday showed up and the rest of it just flew by.  It was our first school week at home and I thought I would have all of  this extra time to do some stuff around […]