Another Friday Five

River walk bench

It’s Friday again.  I thought the week was going so slow, and then Wednesday showed up and the rest of it just flew by.  It was our first school week at home and I thought I would have all of  this extra time to do some stuff around the house, but that whole idea was just that, a great idea and nothing more.  My housework is a bit behind and the yard is starting to look a little overgrown.  I can blame the weather on that one though.  It ended up raining on the day we were gonna get out a mow.  I also spent one day this week in Nashville and another afternoon at the state park.  Plus half of today was spent at the family cabin pressing grapes and racking wine.  It’s not like I didn’t have plenty to do.

There were a few stand outs of this week however, and so I have, once again, another one of these posts.

1.  The trip to Nashville.  I can’t think of anytime I didn’t want to go to the city and shop, even if all the shopping I usually do is just for groceries.  You see I don’t live near a decent health food store or a Costco, so getting out and stocking up on all those necessities makes for a day trip, and there is always a good chance of a nice lunch out and a stop or two into a non-food store.  The Whole Foods salad bar is delicious and Target always has great clothes!  I came home happy.

2.  I didn’t have to go to Memphis.  Actually, there is a time when I don’t want to go to the city, and that is when two days after going to Nashville, I have to go to Memphis.  It is funny how this tends to happen.  I make a trip to one or the other and then something comes up that puts me in the opposite location in the same week.  I got out of this one though because I was able to reschedule the appointment I had made for next week.

3.  Cable internet.  Yes, finally, after seven years we are up to speed, literally.  This has been a long time coming, and although we had made progress about a year and a half ago, we are speeding along for real now.  I keep looking at online slideshows just because I can.  No more waiting for those pics and videos to load.

4.  A working wine press.  Remember I mentioned earlier this week about that new press that the handle broke off of when we first used it?  Well the replacement came yesterday and just in time.  Today we moved on to step two with the wine that we started last week.  I can’t wait until it will all be ready and we can taste and see how good it came out.  And, I think I might be ready to start working on that wine blog I got a domain for.  I finally have a thing or two to write about concerning that topic.  I’m just getting started with this little hobby, but I can see it definitely turning into much more than a little thing and much more than a hobby.  It’s gonna be fun!

5.  Lastly, and this is an easy one, it’s Friday.  I am so ready for the weekend, even if this weekend of mine is probably gonna involve a little bit of yard work.  I am tired today and I am looking forward to an early night and a little later than usual morning tomorrow.

Well that is all I have for now.  I’ve got dinner on the stove and I have hardly eaten all day, I am ready for some food.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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