The Thursday Thrift // You Can’t Beat Free

black white and red

budget fashion

Hello, thrifters and blog readers alike.  It is a wonderful Thursday Thrift over here where I am.  The morning is cool, the day is young, and the yard work is calling my name.  But instead of pulling weeds, I am talking about thrifting and this wonderful skirt that came into my life a couple of summers back.  Part of the allure of thrifting, for me, is the money you save when buying second hand stuff.  And in my experience, most of the items I do find are very close to looking brand new, if not even new with the tags still on.  This skirt was brand spanking new and came from a department store, plus it cost me not a single penny.  It’s like a thrift store find without the thrift store!

As I was copying and pasting my personal information into those forums over on the Lucky magazine website yesterday – those Lucky Breaks where you endlessly fill out your email, name, and address for the chance to win a shopping spree prize of some sort – I remembered something.  I wasn’t doing this for nothing, people actually DO win these things cause two summers ago, I won one of the $500.00 gift cards to Land’s End.  It was a happy day indeed, and even better than that day was the day I went to Memphis to spend the $5oo.oo card at Sears.  Yeah, I pretty much had to get whatever I thought I might wear.  There were a few choices I should have reconsidered, and a couple of items haven’t even been worn, but that card really burnt a whole in my wallet.  So on to today’s thrifty, or rather free item, this nicely, detailed black skirt that I am wearing.

I have worn it twice.  Why only twice, I don’t know.  Oh, wait, maybe the fact that it has to be ironed every time I wear it has something to do with that; and with all the stitched on details, ironing is not that easy to do.  Although, now that almost all of my guy’s work shirts need a good ironing, and almost all of my new me-made dresses do too, I am getting better at it.  I even bought a new iron, in hopes that it would help, and I think that it has.  This skirt is just too pretty to be kept in the closet wrinkled all of the time, so out it came today.  Hopefully now that the ironing board is more of a permanent fixture in the school/computer/sewing room, this skirt will get plenty more wear.

embroidered skirt details

Technically not thrifted, but at a price you cannot beat, so it definitely counts for today’s Thursday Thrift.  Anything thrifted, handed-down, or free up on your blog?  Leave me a link.  Until next month, happy thrifting!

*Details:  Skirt – Heart Soul // Shirt – Merona (clearance) // Shoes – Doc Martens

8 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift // You Can’t Beat Free”

  1. I’ve always loved the bold red, white,black color combo. That’s a classic! And man, winning a $500 gift card would have been quite the happy day indeed!


    1. It has become one of my favorite color combinations. I keep entering more gift card giveaways; I am hoping to have a repeat experience and maybe win another one…


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