Hit and Miss

The pre-hunting season is starting over here.  It is, once again, that time of the year when the guys in my life start spending more of their Sundays out in the field rather than here at the house.  This weekend was the first of what I have begun to refer to as Sewing Sundays.  Even though lately I do a lot of my sewing on Sundays, now is the time of the year when I get to have more of an uninterrupted day to myself.  It is nice to have something to pass the time.  So on Sunday, I had a dress to make and the time with which to make it.  It should have turned out fine, I have made it before, but I think I jumped into it a little too quickly and the changes that I made shouldn’t have been made.  I also didn’t think my material choice out all the way and I wasn’t really liking how it was turning out.  So here it is, as finished for now as I think it ever will be, and one of my misses from the week.  I am not going to bother with the sleeves because I know those won’t make the rest of it look any better to me.  It’s a bit of a disappointment, but that is sometimes how it goes.  I at least have enough material leftover to make a skirt so I won’t have to say it all was a complete waste.

a dress fail

On to something else of the handmade sort.  There were a few things that came out alright; this was a big hit, that I know for sure.  It was also my first completed knitting project – if you could call it knitting.  An arm-knitted, infinity scarf (minus the infinity part).  My arms were the knitting needles, so does that count as knitted?  I’m saying it does, and so do the friends that made one with me.  We had a great time with this project and everyone ended up with something wearable.  I chose not to connect mine together at the ends, thus making it not exactly an infinity scarf, but still a scarf nonetheless.  I’m fine with it that way and that’s all that counts.  (30 minute arm-knitted cowl.)

DIY infinity scarf

knitted scarf

Lastly with the hit and miss theme from last week, two batches of wine.  Making wine was what kept me from blogging on Friday so I thought I should at least write a little something about it.  I had a team effort going on Friday, and three batches, a whole 17 gallons, got started (two batches of which being mine).  The crushing, mixing, and making was a hit, but the pressing ended up being the miss.  A new wine press came into my life last week, but unfortunately the handle didn’t want to stick around.  It broke on us as we were pressing the first, and only batch that needed to be pressed that day.  We improvised once the handle broke, so ultimately everything turned out alright, but until I get a replacement that works how it should, I am not ready to call the new wine press a complete hit, just yet…  but I’m happy to say that everything else was.

crushin muscadines

Now, for this week.  I’m hoping for more hits and no more misses.  Have a good one, everybody!


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