Photo Friday: Backyard Vineyard

A few weeks ago I helped to plant a vineyard.  I wasn’t too sure how many grape vines would constitute a vineyard, so I googled it and didn’t find anything that helped me with this question.  However, I think that 105 grape plants is a good start!

Between six of us working, it took almost exactly two hours to do all of the planting.  It was a great day because the sun finally showed up and it was just cold enough for the ground not to be a complete mud hole after several previous days of rain.

It will take about three years to get the grape plants really producing and that should be plenty of time to figure out how to have a vineyard.  I had a hand in the job of naming it and since my guy is excellent at all things computers and Photoshop, I had a hand in volunteering him to come up with a logo.  Three years should be plenty of time to name and rename should better ideas come up, and it is also plenty of time to design and redesign a logo.

One thing that three years won’t change, the fact that the family cabin now has a vineyard growing in the yard!

Backyard Vineyard

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