Stepping Out

It has been almost a week since I have been to town – which happens to only be five minutes away – and I just had to go to Walmart, again, so today I left the house traveling south instead of my lately north.  I have been wearing dresses all month long so I was quite happy to get a pair of jeans out for today, and then when I saw that the thermometer was just into the 30 degree mark, wearing jeans ended up being that much nicer.  (I will admit, I had to put on my loosest pair because a whole month of not having a waistband or minding what I have been eating made it a little bit harder to be comfortable in my usual pair.  I am fixing this immediately – starting tomorrow!)

To go with my second most comfortable pair of jeans, I brought out my purplest pair of shoes.  Wait, these are my only purple shoes!  I only liked the color purple for a season in 1999 and these have been around since oh, 1992-93ish.  So way back when, I got a pair of purple Docs and I wasn’t even a fan of purple.  I was in eighth grade, I must have thought I was in need of attention.  Funny that these were the pair that stuck around.  I have long since gotten rid of my green boots, and my bright red oxfords – I don’t know why because green happens to be my favorite color – but I have kept the purple pair.

Really, they have stuck around because they were my first pair of Doc Marten boots.  But also, I do happen to like them.  They are scuffed up and worn, wow I have had them for a while!  And because of this shoe challenge, I have worn them twice in the last two years!  I still keep waiting for the day I was told about, when I would grow out of Doc’s.  It hasn’t happened yet, but luckily, my shoe tastes have expanded!

Shoe Save 35
Shoe Save 35
IMG_5092resize copy
Coincidentally, last year they were saved around the same time.

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